Helpful tips on picking your winning horse bets in horse racing events

With all of these significant horse racing events that will occur this year, taking a chance to gain money through betting is a great move. It will give you much more exciting than just watching the race.

But of course, choosing a winning horse bet might not be as easy as random picking. Thus, you need to be prudent and secure an excellent strategy to increase your chances of winning.

That said, here are some helpful tips on picking a winning horse in horse racing events.

Learn to Read the Race Program

A race program is probably one of the most important things to know in horse race betting. It contains a lot of detailed and thorough information about the race’s horse contenders. Consider learning how to read it for making more brilliant horse picks.

The horses’ past performances are indicated here, which are highly helpful in choosing your horse bets. Many online racebooks provide their race programs such as Daily Race Form, Equibase, or Brisnet. Other services give them for free.

There are crucial things that you need to look closely at in a race program.


The horse race, or any other race, is all about speed. It’s like the top indicator of a race winner, answering who’s the fastest among all contenders. Sure, there are other factors to observe, but you would likely want to know the race’s swiftest horses first. How? By looking at the speed figures.

Speed figures are numbers to interpret or estimate how fast a particular horse has run for his past races. If the number is pretty high, then that horse probably runs fast. The same proportion applies to lower numbers. So, you must compare the horse speed figures on their past matches to come up with a more substantial bet.


Besides speed, you also have to consider if the horse is in great shape or fit to run for a specific race. To know a horse’s form, you look at the program for his past performances again.

In picking the right horse to bet, you have to check if the horse finished his recent races “on the board.” It means that he placed either first, second, third, or fourth. If he achieved this, you might want to include this horse on your list of possible horse bets.


Class is also a thing you need to look at when choosing a horse bet. Understanding this will let you know if the horse’s competitiveness in that particular race.

Horse racing also got a hierarchy of class, just like any other sport. The basic one is from most accessible to hardest― Maiden, Claiming, Allowance, and Stakes.


Understanding the horse’s pace and running style by looking at their race history can change your outlook on the overall race. Some horses may start last but can eventually possibly do sudden sweeps at the end of the race. That is why this is an insightful factor in picking winning horse bets.


Odds are the most anticipated part of betting. This determines how much you could potentially win, set by different bookmakers of the horse race. The implied probabilities here depend on the results of horses’ matches.

The odds also have something to do with the money you will payout. That is why knowing to read odds is a must in horse race betting.

Keep an Eye on the Horse’s Physique

Just like athletes, physical appearance is an excellent indicator of a competitive and strong horse. This can help you pick the right horse for you to place a bet. Once the horses are already in their paddocks, you have to observe these body parts.

Ears and Head

When the horse’s ears get pointed and big, and the head is high and confident, he is on full alert of his surroundings. That means that he is ready to run for the race.


A nice and fine hair speaks a lot about the horse’s readiness to run the race. This means that he is healthy and in a pretty good condition to race.


Any athletes out there are built and have a great build with defined muscle. The same goes for the horses. So, you have to pick one with toned muscles in the rib cage and chest area. Of course, you would not like to place your bet on the overweight or underweight one.


Although it is generally customary for horses that their nerves will appear before the race starts, they might get too anxious or excited. They might have excessive sweats on their hair because they move around uneasily in their paddocks.

This behavior can lead the horse to become tired in the latter part of the race since they already waste their energy even before the race starts. Avoid these horses.

Final Thoughts

These helpful tips can simplify and quicken your handicapping process on the horse contenders. Although all of these can take much time to get used to, don’t forget to have fun with your betting experience.