Best Kratom Vendors

Kratom’s popularity has grown immensely over the last years, which is why every year more and more good Kratom vendors enter the market to meet the increasing demand.

However, the soaring number of online Kratom vendors has overwhelmed users – more so in their search for a legit seller.

As a result, kratom users need to be very cautious of where they purchase their Kratom from. While it sounds easy in theory, sourcing for the best kratom vendor takes time and research.

But you don’t have to waste your time researching for the best vendors because we’ve done it for you in this write-up. So buckle up and read on.

Best Kratom Vendors Online:

  1. New Dawn Kratom – Best Kratom quality and amazingly low prices
  2. Happy Hippo – More expensive but reliable Vendor
  3. Sacred Kratom – Well known Kratom Source

1. New Dawn Kratom – Our Best Overall Kratom vendor

Adorning the top of our list and the best overall Kratom vendor is New Dawn Kratom or NDK as most users like to call it.

A relatively new player in the digital Kratom market space, NDK has received a lot of attention from Kratom users over the internet by big magazines and even on Reddit (they have been voted as the vendor of the year on Reddit – and they issued a special lifetime coupon code for Redditors – THANKYOUREDDIT). The top reason for this sudden acceptance is the fact that they meet their customer’s expectations.

By that we mean, it meets quality demands, provides great service, and guarantees customer safety. That said, NDK sources its Kratom from qualified Kratom growers based in South East Asia where the best quality Kratom strains come from.

New Dawn also partners with third-party testing facilities that ensure that every batch of Kratom meets the recommended quality standards. The first test NDK does on its Kratom verifies the product purity.

This test ensures that the Kratom is free from yeast, molds, pathogens, and heavy metals that could harm human health. The tests also check for the alkaloid content which determines how potent the Kratom is.

Another amazing feature of this company is its diversity. As a kratom user, you need to buy kratom from a vendor with variety in its offer. It has almost every strain you can think about, from white Maeng Da to Red Bali and many more.

NDK has also invested in a user-friendly website that makes it a breeze to navigate and find whatever Kratom products you require. Better still, the company offers most of its products at a reasonably low price and you can also get discount coupons.

New Dawn is fast and swift when it comes to deliveries. From most of the reviews we read online, most users received their orders within 2-4 days after purchase.

Overall, NDK has undoubtedly proved to be one of the top 3 vendors you can think about. Its customer service is also top-notch and there is always someone on the other end to help you with your order or solve your problem.

Why is New Dawn Kratom our top choice?

  • Amazing prices (best you can find, prices starting at $16 for 250g)
  • Fantastic customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders over $39.99
  • They have some of the strongest Kratom we tested

2. Happy Hippo

Happy Hippo is a fast-rising kratom vendor that has already managed a huge following. The company’s fast-rising star can be attributed to its consistency in providing high-quality Kratom products.

The company offers a wide variety of Kratom products. You can find anything from powder to pills depending on the form of kratom you want. Although its variety isn’t as wide compared to other online sellers, it won’t disappoint when it comes to quality.

They test all the batches for quality in their labs and also at third-party facilities to verify the safety of their products. For complete transparency, customers can request the lab results and see for themselves before they can buy their Kratom powder or capsules.

Customer service is another area that Happy Hippo excels at. Its support team is responsive, friendly, professional, and highly knowledgeable about products, policies, procedures, shipping terms, and many more.

In general, Happy Hippo Herbals has succeeded because it is user-oriented and you most likely won’t be disappointed whether its product quality or pricing.

3. Sacred Kratom

Established in 2016, they are a new entrant into the Kratom market space with its headquarters situated in California, USA.

But why has it managed to beat other renowned shops? For one, the company is dedicated to offering quality products.

As such, it draws its raw materials from trusted suppliers in Southern Asia where the best Kratom strains are grown. The sourced Kratom then undergoes rigorous lab testing before its deemed safe for the market.

They offer a wider variety of Kratom strains that come in different forms. You can choose capsules, powder, enhanced and extracts, or starter packs, depending on what fits your needs best.

When it comes to pricing, products are priced a little higher than most other sellers on the list.

4. Kratomystic

Kratomystic is a small shop that has exponentially grown in popularity and is now competing with the industry’s biggest names. One of its positives is a navigable and easy-to-understand website that makes finding products easier than ever and consequently one of the best vendors in the market today.

If you want to buy kratom in various forms, Kratomystic has you covered. It offers kratom in various forms such as powder, capsules, extracts, etc. Every form of kratom on offer comes in various strains too. You get to enjoy strains such as Green Bali, Borneo Red, Enhanced Maeng Da, etc.

There’re various price points for Kratomystic products depending on whether you’re buying extracts, starter packs, or capsules. While the prices for these products differ, the good thing is that you can also significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on checkout by using its coupon codes.

When it comes to shipping, the company delivers orders conveniently and on time at the location agreed with the client. Along with that, customers have 30 days to decide whether the product meets their needs. It is easy to request a return and get refunded if it doesn’t satisfy them.

Kratomystic also has a great customer support team. For instance, the team can help you navigate the site if you cannot find a product or complete the purchase.

5. Kratom Sensation

Based in Canada, this store has a fast-growing user community that extends beyond its regional borders. Since its inception, its main strengths have been quality, great prices, and diversity in its products.

The rich diversity in its products makes it easy to find the product you want. This company focuses on producing powdered kratom with exotic and gold variations, so you can buy kratom that fits your needs.

What’s more, the Kratom sensation guarantees its customer’s excellent shipping and customer service. It boasts of same-day shipping for local clients and requires only a few days to deliver international shipments. You can then choose how you want the products delivered if you don’t want same-day deliveries.

Reasonable pricing has also popularized Kratom Sensation products. Perhaps, the main challenge you can face is when paying for the products. The company doesn’t accept most of the payment methods that other vendors accept.

That said, we feel that it’s worth trying Kratom Sensation if you’re not yet decided about it. The company has pulled a huge customer base because of excellent customer services and products. That enough should guarantee you satisfaction if you subscribe to its services.

6. Kratom Crazy

This company aims at making itself the cheapest kratom seller out there. Despite providing its clients with top-notch quality, it also focuses on making the products affordable. As a customer, a company that takes care of your quality and financial needs should be worth your attention.

Kratom quality is a critical aspect, and that’s where many companies fail. However, Kratom Crazy is not one of those “many “companies that sell impure and unsafe Kratom products.

Instead, KC is serious about quality. Like you’d expect from a top-rated store, Kratom Crazy conducts massive testing and purity verification, to ensure that all the products it ships are of the highest quality.

Every batch undergoes rigorous testing within and outside the facility. The purity tests conducted on the products check for harmful chemicals and heavy metals. Another test looks for alkaloids to ensure there’s the right percentage of them in the produced batch.

There’re various forms of kratom available at this company. You can either buy it as a capsule or in powdered form. Besides, it is easy to find the exact strain you’re looking for from the company’s website. There’s information on the available strains, where they grow, and prices.

The price tags on Kratom Crazy’s products are quite surprising. If you expected that high quality comes with high pricing, then you’re wrong. Kratom Crazy offers some of the best prices in the market. It keeps customers in mind by not taking advantage of the quality service and products it offers.

There’re also discounts and coupon codes that you can use to significantly reduce the amount you spend on this company’s kratom.

In general, Kratom Crazy has proven to be the place to buy kratom from today. It’s free shipping for certain orders and same-day delivery is excellent. Additionally, the reasonable pricing on its products has made it a top source of Kratom.

7. (Kratora)

Next on the list is one of the most reliable names in the industry. This company has invested in a user-friendly website that makes it easy for you to access the products you need.

The best thing about its website is how organized it looks. There’s a search button that makes it easy to buy kratom and have the store deliver it to your doorstep. With this search button, you can look for products by typing in names, types, regions, strains, and many more.

You get more information about a product once you click on it. There are detailed descriptions that make your choice easier but the most interesting thing is the company’s wide variety of Kratom products. You can choose anything from Kratom powders to Kratom capsules to enhanced Kratom extracts.

Besides providing great service and top-quality products, a good Kratom vendor should reasonably price their products. Many people love this company for its pocket-friendly pricing that doesn’t affect product quality.

What’s more, the company has various payment methods that you can use to buy your Kratom. Some of these methods include credit cards, online payments, and Bitcoins.

Fast and efficient deliveries are another great feature for The company offers same-day delivery for domestic orders while international deliveries may take a few days to arrive. Note that all domestic orders of over $50 get delivered completely free of charge.

Another feature that’s worth mentioning is the excellent customer service offered by them. The customer support team is not only supportive but also knowledgeable. In case of any hiccups, the team is always on standby to help you solve all the problems you face with product search, ordering, and delivery tracking.

8. The Kratom Syndicate

The Kratom Syndicate has invested a lot in making sure that kratom users get the right products. The company also has a huge product line that includes different kratom strains ingested in different forms.

You can choose from either TKS’s Signature Series, extracts, or the green, red and white Bali. It would be best to consider what works for you best and which one will deliver the results you desire. The company has divided the site into different sections allowing you to buy kratom in small packs or wholesale.

Prices are a vital consideration when buying kratom. But then, you cannot use it to determine the best vendor. Some expensive alternatives deliver below par, while some cheaper ones have exceptional quality. The prices differ depending on whether you’re buying kratom in capsule, extract, or powder.

You can also save a lot as you buy kratom from TKS by checking out its offers and discounts. There are various special deals and coupon codes advertised on its website and social media pages. You can also benefit from free shipping for future orders if you meet the company’s terms.

The quality of TKS’ Kratom is better compared to what other vendors offer simply because the company does thorough testing of its Kratom to ascertain that all the products they produce are pure and have enough alkaloid content.

9. PhytoExtractum

With over a decade of experience in vending Kratom products, PhytoExtractum understands the impact that good quality Kratom can have on users

As such this seller takes quality as its priority. It, therefore, sources the best Kratom from farms in South East Asia and ensures that proper harvesting guidelines are followed to prevent contamination of the leaves.

Every received batch undergoes testing to ensure that it adheres to AKA GMP regulations. That way, the company ensures that every product that goes to the market can meet customer needs and expectations.

They offer a good range of popular Kratom strains as powder, extract, and capsules. Unfortunately, they don’t not group the Kratom according to vein color or strain – which would have made it easier for buyers to choose a particular strain.

Their prices are also pretty competitive but not the cheapest. So, if you value quality price shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. For example, PE sells 225 grams of Bali Kratom Powder at $53.96. Compared to other kratom shops such as New Dawn Kratom that offer similar quality Kratom powder, this is way up the ladder.

The company goes ahead to provide excellent shipping services for its clients. You can expect your shipment within the same day if your order is placed and paid before 2 p.m. EST.

10. Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom is one of the most popular vendors with a top of the roof reputation.

As you expect from such as reputable brand, quality comes first. For this reason, all the Kratom sold by this vendor is subjected to a rather rigorous testing process to ensure that it’s free from heavy metals, toxins, and bacterial microbes.

A second test verifies the presence of sufficient amounts of alkaloids. These get measured in percentages, and all Kratom produces bear a minimum alkaloid content of 1.4% which is the optimum amount to make the kratom potent enough.

You can find its long list of products sourced from various Kratom strains. The products come in various forms such as capsules and powders and extracts.

Pricing is another crucial element. Unfortunately, KK is not the cheapest there is in the market. Their prices are considerably high. For example, for a 225-gram pack of Maeng Da Thai Kratom Powder, you’d have to pay $63.99. Other reliable Kratom Shops on this list have better offerings.

Away from that, it’s also worth mentioning that Kraken Kratom offers some freebies. For example, you can enjoy free discount coupons if you are a regular buyer. Also, the company rewards first-time buyers and also adds them to its royalty program.

There’s also a responsive and knowledgeable customer support team that will help in everything you do. You can contact them to help you find products or place orders. The team also helps you track your shipment to your doorstep. Those reasons make Kraken Kratom one of the best vendors to buy kratom from today.

Best Kratom Vendors – Final Thoughts

If you have been struggling to find the best online Kratom vendors, the above choices should be a good starting point for you.

All of them are verified and the quality of their Kratom products is top-notch. Note, however, that they may each have their weaknesses and it’s up to you to investigate and separate the wheat from the chuff.

From this review, New Dawn Kratom is our recommended Kratom vendor. But why, you might ask.

First, they offer premium quality Kratom at affordable prices. Secondly, NDK offers handsome discounts of up to 20% and free delivery of orders above $39.99. This is reason enough to go for it. But you don’t have to take our word for it.