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NYS overpaid unemployment benefits last year, now they want it back

The New York State Department of Labor is asking for some money back- after apparent overpayments during the pandemic.

Some individuals reported receiving emails on Friday- which were followed this week with additional letters, asking unemployed workers to repay some of the benefits they received.

News10NBC inquired with the state Department of Labor, but they declined to indicate how many people were impacted. Instead, they were told that submitting a FOIL request would be necessary- a process that takes weeks, sometimes months to complete.

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“We took such a huge loss last year, we’re all still trying to recover and then some of us are getting letters saying they want $1,200 and that’s almost the sum of what we got for stimulus,” Lisa Reily, a hairdresser told News10NBC.

State DOL officials confirmed that they inadvertently overpaid some people by $600 or $1,200 in April and May 2020. Those who received what the DOL describes as duplicate payments is being contacted by email, letter, and text.

There will be a waiver process, but that will need to be submitted- showcasing financial hardship within 30 days.

For those who are still receiving unemployment benefits- your total weekly allocation will be reduced by 20% per week until its paid off if a waiver is not received.

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