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Federal workers can get upwards of 600 hours, or $21,000 in paid leave thanks to COVID relief bill

While most people know that they are entitled to some paid time off if they are out sick with COVID-19, a federal policy allows some workers to receive upwards of 15 weeks or $21,000.

News10NBC looked into it, finding that because of a clause in the American Rescue Plan- certain federal employees are entitled to upwards of 600 hours of paid leave.

That’s 15 weeks- and it is capped at $1,400 per week, but still adds up to around $21,000 of paid leave available to federal employees.

Around $570 million was set aside in the plan to pay for it. The leave can be used if they have symptoms of COVID, or if they’re caring for someone who has COVID.

It expires on September 30.

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