13 best sites to buy TikTok likes (real & instant)

Today’s generation is all about technology and social media. What started out as a place to relax and unwind has become a place that is housing loads of creative people, and is being utilized as an important marketing tool. It is an innovative, newer, and faster way to reach old audiences and gain a new following. This is one of the foremost reasons for social media marketing gaining so much popularity. TikTok is a social media platform that is taking the world by storm. Creators grew at a lightning speed, and a large number of people are trying to buy TikTok likes.

The app was originally launched as Musical.ly and became a worldwide sensation soon. However, TikTok was launched with a number of new features and became a place where new creators could start out. The app lets users create videos of duration from 3 to 60 seconds, and people can showcase their skills in a number of genres, such as lifestyle, fashion, travel, and much more. TikTok has a place for every talent, and is a fun platform where you can get popularity, generate revenue, and come across an array of opportunities just by being yourself!

However, TikTok hosts nearly 689 million users as of 2021 and has become a bit competitive. Thus, people buy TikTok likes, followers, and views to gain popularity fast, and generate revenue.

The play stores and search engines are filled with a number of sites that let you buy TikTok likes, and it might get confusing for you. So, we have compiled a list of the best sites to buy TikTok likes from.

List of Best Sites to Buy TikTok Likes


GetViral is an online platform to help you grow on TikTok. It acts like a complete TikTok marketing hub. You can buy TikTok likes, followers, and much more.

The best part about this site is that your account will never get banned or suspended because GetViral provides you with a real audience. It does not use fake accounts, bots, or spam accounts. Hence, it completely caters to the guidelines set by TikTok. This also means that the only interaction your account receives is high quality content, and genuine followers. No matter what your goal is, GetViral will help you achieve it for you, and it has positive ratings and reviews from its users. The site is very easy-to-use, and you can set up your goals almost instantly. The site adopts a very sophisticated filtering mechanism. It also allows its users to cancel their subscription plan anytime. The platform has over 2500+ brands and influencers in its clientele list. GetViral will also help you improve your account’s search rankings and will also help expand it using the latest technologies.

The benefits of using GetViral outweigh the investment. It assigns a dedicated manager to your account, and will provide you with 24/7 support. Like we said before, it has a sophisticated filtering method, meaning you get a genuine audience filled with accounts of your targeted niche.

GetViral’s Pricing: When buying TikTok likes, GetViral’s prices start from $1.99 and have plans upto $129.99. These prices are based on the number of likes. You can choose packages from 100 likes upto 10,000!


As the name suggests, ViewsExpert is one of the best sites to buy TikTok likes, followers, and more! They offer everything, and all within the perfect amount of time, and at a very minimal pricing. You can avail a range of services for every social media platform, such as Instagram, SoundCloud, Linkedin, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, and of course, TikTok!

The followers, likes, views, and engagement come from your targeted audience, and help boost your social media presence. According to its users, it shows a slow growth at the beginning. However, in just a week’s time or less, your account starts to see real growth. The minimal price rate also makes it a wise and fruitful investment. ViewsExpert has proved to be an investment that will keep reaping benefits on a long-term basis. ViewsExpert is secure, well-formed, and adopts excellent strategies to help its clients grow. The automated bot of ViewsExpert limits its everyday activities such as views and likes to prevent flagging, blocking, or shadow banning of your account by TikTok’s algorithm.

ViewsExpert provides your account with a dedicated account manager, has fast delivery services, and even offers 24/7 support to its users. The account manager will take care of your account and its workings.

ViewsExpert’s Pricing: ViewsExpert has 6 package options, starting from 100 TikTok likes, priced at $2.00 to 10000 likes, priced at $148.00. These packages are for TikTok likes. In case you want to buy TikTok followers or views, there are a huge number of other packages available that you can choose from.


SocialPackages is one of the best sites to buy TikTok likes or followers. You can count on SocialPackages’ service to grow your account and social media presence. The site offers real TikTok followers without you spending lots and lots of money. Their service has been availed by a number of people and brands, and they have fulfilled their promises to take your account to the top, on TikTok.

SocialPackages adopts an organic approach that consists of genuine followers, not spams or bots. If you need exponential growth for your account, SocialPackages is the right option for you. They offer several benefits along with their service. They take care of things such as – safety, security, and timely delivery.

Moreover, the site does nothing to harm your account. They adopt strict measures to ensure that your account grows and not the opposite. This ensures that there are no chances of getting shadowbanned. The best part about the site is that it is appropriate for beginners who want to increase their reach and is very easy to use. Social Packages is one of the best social media marketing service providers, and has a reputation for dealing with high profile social media figures from across the globe. Backed by years’ worth of experience, good ratings and reviews, the marketing services from Social Packages are trustworthy, authentic, and provide good-quality service in the immediate instance.

SocialPackages’ pricing: It provides its users various packages for nearly all social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. For buying TikTok likes, they charge $2.20 for 100 likes which is the lowest package available, and the highest is $148.50 for 10,000 likes.


Viralyft is a very famous brand but deserves a lot more appreciation and recognition than it is getting right now. It will take your account or brand to new heights that you might not be expecting. Their team consists of expert social media managers with experience and knowledge that they put into practical use. They work towards helping your account make a greater impact on social media.

Viralyft’s website is simple, which often leads people to believe that their service is plain. However, in-depth research and walk-through of the website reveal that it has a lot of functions for its clients.

Viralyft does not believe in offering its clients fake, bot-generated, and unreal followers. Instead, this app provides the best of organic views and followers which will help you increase engagement on your account through months and years.

Rest assured, you will only get 100% real followers through this amazing platform. This is one of the best sites to buy TikTok likes that does not try to create fake engagement or send your profile/account to people at random. This method would be a sheer waste of resources and time. But, to make your investment worthwhile, the team at Viralyft performs extensive research on the client they are working with. They start by analyzing the user’s account and the content, and then outline a detailed plan about the target audience in question. Thus, your account receives methods customized just for you!

Viralyft’s Pricing: Viralyft caters services to all social media platforms. In the case of TikTok likes, they offer six packages, starting from $2.39 for 100 likes, and $148.99 for 10,000 likes. Thus, you get good quality service at a nominal rate.


Fastlikes is another website where you can buy TikTok likes. For beginners, organically growing your account helps, and for people that desire higher engagement, Fastlikes works wonders. When you buy TikTok likes, you increase your account’s engagement to some extent.

The algorithm of Fastlikes ensures that your account does not get flagged, suspended, or shadowbanned. The additional perks offered by the service you avail, includes 24/7 live support, secure payment, and a refund guarantee amongst others. Customers will not be bothered by any issues owing to the 24/7 client support, and are valued by the company. This site does not require a password which is a huge delight. This feature ensures that your data and information will remain secure at all times. Since this is an investment, it is better to do it at a place where your account will be treated just how it should be – with professionalism!

Fastlikes.io’s Pricing: Fastlikes.io caters to likes and followers of all social media platforms. For TikTok likes, the site has four packages – for 1000, 2000, 3000, and 5000 likes. The 1000 likes package costs $10, and the 5000 likes one costs $45.


Yet another reliable website for growing on TikTok is Famups. If you desire to be popular on TikTok, there is no better alternative than Famups. If you are actively seeking applications or websites for growing your social media, there are high chances that you have encountered Famups’ website, or have gone through their services. It is a very reliable platform to grow your engagement, following, and will boost your ranking. This provides you with an edge over other users on TikTok. Without any doubt, Famups is one of the best sites to buy TikTok likes.

The most important features of this website is that it has a faster delivery style, and has competitive pricing. The likes range from 100 to 10000 and are available at a fair price. The standard time for delivery ranges from 1-7 days. A number of likes would arrive early, but they do not deliver everything at once to avoid TikTok flagging your account. You can use this service to your full advantage and take advantage of their client support in case anything goes wrong or you face any problem. Availing their services is a good idea because you don’t need to follow other users.

More likes will culminate in more engagement, followers, and thus, greater growth. Famups offers a number of advantages to its customers including non-obligation of a password, 24/7 support throughout the year, and strong delivery among other sites. Just choose a package you feel is relevant that fits you and in no time, you will succeed in the world of TikTok.


Social Viral is another site that is perfect at the services that it has chosen for itself, and works like a wonder. Again, if you’re trying to work with a service that does not bring you fake followers but only organic likes, follows, and comments, then you can rely on this service. You get followers in a span of over 24 hours, i.e., within some days. This is done to ensure that your account is not blocked or suspended under the pretext of suspicious activity, which could be flagged by the TikTok algorithm.

One of the best things about Social-Viral is that you get something called – lifetime guarantee. This ensures that the followers or likes that you gain, stay with you not only till the service is active but beyond that time as well. This means that the likes or the followers would not expire. Therefore, rest assured there will not be a sudden or dramatic decrease in the number of followers or likes that your account has earned till now.

Moreover, this will also ensure that you are able to maintain your integrity and standing rank on TikTok. If you’re looking for a budget investment for the social campaign on any social media platform you have in your mind, then you can always make use of Social-Viral.

SocialViral’s pricing: The site offers 9 packages to buy TikTok likes. It starts at $2.19 for 50 likes, and the highest is $99.99 for 5000 likes.


Where TikTok (and TikTok fame) is concerned, we have no time to waste on mediocre providers. Therefore, for the grand opening of this list, we start with a prominent player, Tik-boost.com.

What we love so much about Tik-boost.com is that it distributes the likes you purchase at an organic, legit pace, something that most providers don’t care about in the least bit (they’re only interested in your credit card details).

In addition, Tik-boost.com has undergone a site update, and now you can shop much more conveniently with the shopping cart feature. To celebrate this, the site features an exclusive coupon that will buy you much more likes and followers (or any other package, for that matter) for a significantly lower price. Better hurry up before it expires!

What does Tik-boost.com’s catalog have in store for you? Pricing is 3K Likes for $30 and 3K Followers for $54.


Bouxtie is a site that is aimed towards TikTok growth in particular. It is one of those companies that have been providing its services on the web for a considerably long period of time. If you’re looking for tools that can help you to grow on TikTok, Bouxtie is one of the best sites to buy TikTok likes, followers, views, and comments. As Bouxtie writes in its description on the site – you can use it to promote your TikTok account and grow it.

Moreover, the growth that you have on TikTok appears to be so authentic and organic, that you do not ever have to worry about being caught or appearing phony or made-up. This is necessary because if no site provides this, your account could end up getting flagged or shadow-banned or it could be suspended. The site has an easy and quick access system that starts working within seconds. All you have to do is type in the campaign/brand you are working for or type in your account’s name, then choose and place the order to one of their plans which is the best suited for your needs, and wait for the results after the transaction has reached completion.

There are some things that make Bouxtie stand out among all its competitors, and have led to its popularity. They not only provide their customers’ accounts with followers, but also have a provision to give them mass views, likes, and followers. These things work together perfectly well to increase the reach you have on social media, and helps you generate revenue.

Bouxtie’s pricing: Bouxtie lets you choose the number of likes you need. The cost of each like is $1.95 without any promotional discount. You can choose likes between a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 30000.


MusicallyPO is one of the notable sites on the web. This site helps you to increase the credibility of your account by adding TikTok followers to your account, and by boosting likes and views. They make sure not to use any fake accounts and bots during the entire process. They provide the most reasonable packages that will cover all the needs of your account and stay within your budget.

The site is aimed only towards TikTok activity and is a provider for real TikTok activity. It takes just three easy steps to buy likes, followers, or views. You can log into their website and browse all the different packages they have to offer. It is sure that you will find a package that befits all your needs and is under your budget.

You will have to provide some basic information to buy the package of your choice, and after that is done you will be redirected to the payment method. The payment gateway uses SSL encrypted software. It helps to make sure that all the payments made are safe and secure. They provide a lot of different payment methods so that they can take care of their international clientele.

Once the payment process is complete, the results will be shown within a few hours itself. They are one of the best sites in the business and their services are exceptional.

If you decide to avail the services of this site, you can be sure that your page will be booming in a short while and your account’s or brand’s social media presence will surely experience a boost. It is one of the easiest ways one can adopt to boost their popularity in a short span of time.

MusicallyPO’s pricing: They have nearly 6 packages for people buying TikTok likes. These start at $2.99 for 50 likes, and end at $69.99 for 5000 likes.


TokUpgrade is one of the simplest and best sites to buy TikTok likes. We know how hard it is to gain attention on any social platform, especially TikTok. But, TokUpgrade is here to help you with that, and is a good choice.

This reputed organization guarantees you results in a short time. Some notable features are – more engagement, more reach, and the ability to increase your overall social media credibility. The service will also take care of your engagement ratio. You will be able to grow faster, larger, and very easily with the extra boost they give you.

The platform also helps their clients with a variety of strategies including – follow/unfollow, engagement and hashtags. Results take time, and being patient is the key here. You will achieve results much faster by using TokUpgrade, than doing so on your own. Get ready to grow your social media organically, with the help of TokUpgrade. The perks include sustainable strategies, account safety, etc. The website will also let you experience the full potential of TikTok and will provide you with the required number of followers, likes, views, and engagement.

TokUpgrade’s Pricing: TokUpgrade lets its clients choose from two plans – Regular and Pro. The Regular Weekly plan costs $15 USD/week, and the Monthly plan costs $49 USD/month. The Pro Weekly plan costs $25 USD/week, and the Monthly plan costs $89 USD/month.


YouMeViral is one of the best sites to buy TikTok likes. It provides amazing results and makes sure that you get all the credibility and engagement for your account that it deserves. It makes sure that it uses credible methods and no fake accounts or bots are used to maintain the authenticity of your account.

They have packages available at  some really reasonable rates that make sure that all your goals for your account are achieved. They fulfil the fast paced service they promise and provide results within a few hours after the purchase. They provide some of the best-in-class services and make sure that skilled people work to increase your account’s social media presence.

YouMeViral provides cost-effective services to help you cut down on any unnecessary expenditure, without compromising on the quality of the service. They are very well equipped to make sure that you receive all of those services within the budget that you quote. They make sure to incorporate all of your needs so that you get everything you want at cost that is feasible to you and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

The site uses advanced algorithms and techniques to make sure that they deliver high-quality results that meet and even exceed all your expectations. They work very hard to make sure that all of their clients are satisfied with the results that are delivered. They work to reach their motto which is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The site provides continuous support to turn your online presence into something productive.

YouMeViral’s pricing: They offer 8 different packages, starting from $2 for 100 likes, and $98 for 10000 likes. Thus, YouMeViral provides very minimal-priced packages.


TikSocial is yet another growth service that helps you drive the unlimited potential of Tiktok and provides you with an edge over other users. It gives you the liberty to settle on whatever engagement you would like in order to enable a wide audience to discover you. The team looks out for most of the things on their end, while you spend time creating new content for your followers.

Hence, you can easily generate revenue on this incredibly effective and useful site for increasing your TikTok popularity. There is a customer support team that’s available round the clock all throughout the year for resolving your issues at the earliest. Further, they provide fast delivery for generating effective TikTok engagement. The service is pretty confident in providing sustainable results to clients and has good reviews attesting to it. Accordingly, you can grow your account over any period of time of your choice.

TikSocial’s pricing: Buy TikTok likes from TikSocial at $0.59.


If you are one of the people who lives and breathes social media, then there are high chances that you are aware of this gem, Trollishly. It is a one of its kind TikTok marketing provider and is proven to create famous TikTok influencers in a short span of time. Whether you are looking to build your or your brand’s community, or gain more visibility on the platform, Trollishly caters to all of your needs.

With fast delivery and the highest quality traffic, Trollishly acts as your TikTok manual that makes marketing very easy. It offers a variety of packages to buy TikTok views, followers, likes, mentions, shares and even get the TikTok verified crown. You can also avail these services without having to invest a large amount of money.

  • Trollishly’s pricing:

The prices begin from just $0.59 for 1000 views, $2.59 for each 100 TikTok followers and 100 likes. These will be delivered to your TikTok profile at a steady rate ensure that the growth looks natural.

How To Choose A Site to Buy TikTok Likes?

With the advent of sites providing these services, it has become easier to gain engagement, and buy TikTok likes, followers, views, comments or shares. But, choosing a site out of all the options might be confusing. Thus, we have created a guide for you. Let’s jump right in:-

Read reviews and do your research – Granted that it has become easier to buy TikTok likes, a lot of scam sites have come up. Hence, it is important for you to do your research about it, and read the reviews to examine whether its services are up to mark. This could save you from making a bad investment.

Go through all the packages – After you have chosen a reliable site for yourself, go through the various packages it has to offer and read the features it includes. Then, choose one that fits your requirements, and your budget.


Growing on social media is difficult, and these sites have come up with methods to help you out. It is a rather easy process, but you should be careful. Our guide will help you with exactly that.

We hope this article helps you out with your social media worries.