15 best sites to buy SoundCloud plays (instant & safe)

If you are here, you have reached the ultimate place where you can look for options to buy SoundCloud plays. To make you go viral and climb up the ladder in a highly competitive environment, we have come up with the easiest solution where you can buy SoundCloud plays from these best sites to buy SoundCloud plays.

When it comes to music streaming, SoundCloud is the best site to do that. It is buzzing with seasoned and upcoming artists, with a huge repository of genres and music for everyone to enjoy. For any new artist, SoundCloud is THE PLATFORM to go to, and reach a much wider audience and gain popularity. It is the ultimate place to build your professional musical portfolio, and interact with the fans, and grow your network. With 175 million active users, SoundCloud’s audience has the appetite for all kinds and genres of music you create and want to create.

You might stumble in the beginning and would want to buy SoundCloud plays for yourself or your band. Here we have curated an exhaustive list of the best sites to buy SoundCloud plays. These websites exist to help you get a fanbase, and gain visibility. Until you reach a stage where you can have an Organic growth of users, you will need to buy SoundCloud plays. 

When you buy SoundCloud plays from these best sites to buy SoundCloud plays that we have curated for you, you get assured real active users to play your tracks and that too from all over the world. You will have a fan base across the globe. This will add to your credibility and popularity. More plays, in the beginning, will help you reach the level of organic growth and gain more visibility.

List of Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays


Getviral.io is the first website we want to introduce you to, where you can buy SoundCloud plays. Starting from $6, and going up to $89 dollars, get viral offers 6 packages to suit the needs and pocket of an upcoming artist. At 6 dollars, it gives you 1000 views and goes as high as 20000 views if you can shell out 89 dollars. In addition, the features offered under all 6 packages are – Fast Delivery, No password needed, Refill Guaranteed, 24/7 Support, and Worldwide Plays.

How the service actually works? – First, you need to SELECT the package which suits you. After the selection, you need to give your page URL (the page should be set as a public page for this) to process the order. Finally, it is time to relax and see the page climb up the charts. It takes less than an hour for the service to get activated after the final payment and processing.

Get Viral guarantees that they provide safe services and never ask for your passwords or any sensitive information. They work stealthily, keeping your privacy intact and giving you SoundCloud plays without anyone ever knowing about it. The payments are safe, and the plays you get come from a global audience.

Views Expert

Views Expert is a Global Marketing firm, with a footprint across 4 countries. They bring you 5 curated packages to buy SoundCloud plays, which start from as low as $5.50 for 1000 plays, and as high as $88.00 for 20,000 plays. All packages offer the following features – 24×7 support, no need to share passwords, Delivery in 1-2 days, Active and High Quality, and Refill Guaranteed.

Views Expert is here to do the heavy lifting for you to gain a good base of followers, while you keep creating quality content for the fans to consume. They guarantee safe and effective plays, without putting your SoundCloud account at any kind of risk. All you need to do is trust the experts to do their work at the backend. An added feature of the services by Views Expert is that they provide 24X7 support, where you can reach the team with the help of live chat and email, round the clock. They give you a guarantee for the packages offered by them, and a free 30-days redelivery if anyone unfollows from the account. 


SocialPackages.net is the third offering that we bring to you to buy SoundCloud plays. A total of five packages are on offer. For 1000 plays, you need to give 6 dollars, for 2000 plays you have to pay 12 dollars, for 5000 it is 30 dollars, for gaining 10000 plays they charge you 50 dollars and finally for 20000 SoundCloud plays, you need to shell out 89 dollars.

All packages come with a refill guarantee, 24/7 live support, premium quality, and risk-free plays. The delivery timelines vary from 1-2 days, depending on the volume of plays you have ordered, and no password is asked for the same.


To do the heavy lifting for your music, the best site to buy SoundCloud plays is Viralyft. Their team comes with over five decades of experience in the area of marketing, which is sure to give your SoundCloud profile a boost it deserves to rank the highest on the musical charts. It has 5 separate packages which offer views from 1000 at $6, and go up to 20000 for $89. 

All you need to do is choose a package of your choice, provide them the URL of the song and they would start working on getting you real global views from around the world, with their awesome marketing strategies. Your music will no longer go unnoticed, and you would get solid results that start showing within few hours of buying the chosen package. 


The next site on this list of best sites to buy SoundCloud plays is Fastlikes.io. They have on offer 4 different packages, which are listed as follows: – $13 for 20000 SoundCloud plays, Delivery time: 3-5 days; $19 for 30000 SoundCloud plays, Delivery time: 3-7 days; $25 for 50000 SoundCloud plays, Delivery time: 4-10 days and $55 for 100000 SoundCloud plays, Delivery time: 5-12 days.

It comes with round clock customer support and guarantees premium plays for your music.


Famups is a social media service provider for all your social media needs. Here you can buy SoundCloud plays for your music which is yet to be discovered by the masses. Using organic marketing strategies, Their team assures you of growth in engagement with the prospective users and audience.

They have 8 offerings in total to buy SoundCloud plays. The cheapest is where you have to pay $3 for 2000 plays and the costliest is where you have to pay $180 for 500000 plays. The minimum delivery time is 1 day and the maximum is 7 days, which depends on the kind of package and number of plays you choose. It is not an easy task to gain SoundCloud plays in such a competitive world out there. So you need to buy SoundCloud plays and stand out. 

Famups offers authentic and real plays, with efficient and prompt customer service which is available 24X7. The payment system is fully secured by SSL and the prompt customer service will guide you through the landscape for a smooth process.

Follower Packages

They gives you a chance to position yourself in a strategic manner, by using their services to buy SoundCloud plays. They assure you that they would provide you premium plays from real active users, and you will not be risking your SoundCloud profile by doing this. This premium plays help in building your credibility because they come from Real and Active users of the SoundCloud Platform, who are situated across the globe. With their services, you stand a chance of gaining better ranks and benefitting the placement of your musical track/song.

The results start appearing in a matter of just 4 hours, although larger orders can take upto 2 days. They have four packages on offer: for 1000 plays – price is $10 and Delivery time is 24-48 hours; for 5000 plays price is $19 and Delivery time: 24-48 hours; for 10000 plays price is $35 and Delivery time: 48-72 hours (This is also the most popular package, according to their website) and finally for 20000 plays, you need to pay $55 and the Delivery time is 72-96 hours.

They also provide trustworthy and responsive customer support, which is available 24/7. They have the option of – live chat, phone support and email support, for the customers to reach out to them.

What is interesting is that they also provide the option of a custom package, wherein you can directly contact them, tell them your requirements and you will get a custom package designed specially to suit your needs and demands. Isn’t that cool? And no one would ever get to know about your identity. They maintain the complete anonymity of their clients. 

Get Real Boost

We are on a mission to give you all the information to boost your plays on SoundCloud. And the website we have found for you to buy SoundCloud plays is “Get Real Boost”. It is one of the topmost places to buy SoundCloud plays in a safe and secure manner. They have credibility for getting you real plays from a wide variety of audiences and giving you and your music the boost, it needs to catch the imagination of the world at large. 

What is more exciting is that they provide a free trial. Yes! You read that correctly. According to their website, they provide a free trial and you should not hesitate in asking for it directly from them, when you are exploring the products they offer. They will send you a test order for free, and then you can decide whether the service works for you or not.

They will have a dedicated marketing team that will be assisting you every day and giving you steps to follow and help you accelerate your SoundCloud plays, using sound and proven marketing strategies.

And yet another feather in the cap is that besides the 24/7 support, prompt and loyal services, they also have on offer – a 100% money back guarantee. So, in case your project does not gets through and you do not get the plays you had asked for, they will promptly return your money, making this a risk-free investment for an assured success. It is a Win-Win situation for you!

They have 9 offerings, starting from a minimal $2 for 1000 plays and going upto $115 for 200000 plays of your track.

Build my plays

Build my plays is one of the best websites to buy SoundCloud plays, build my plays offers for SoundCloud plays start from $0.0008/Play. A unique feature of this website is that they offer you a Retention Guarantee, according to which they say – “We offer a 90 days Retention Guarantee on all packages to make sure you will feel 100% satisfied with our services.”

With Build my plays, you have the option of customising the delivery time of the plays. And an added advantage is that they use SoundCloud approved promotion techniques to promote and increase plays, therefore there is no risk of suspension for your SoundCloud account.

They have plans to suit everyone’s needs and budget. There are daily plans which starts at $9, which gives you 500 plays per day, and goes upto $32.50 for 3000 plays per day. For 5000 plays, you need to pay $12 dollars and can go upto $299 to get 1000000 plays. The delivery guarantee varies with the plan you choose. For instance, for the $12 plan, the delivery time is 1-2 days, whereas for $299, the delivery time is between 1-3 weeks.

They don’t give you bots and inactive followers, rather build a real-time following for you with safe marketing methods. You can reach out to them for any issues, at any time of the day. The customer support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Once you buy SoundCloud plays from them, there is no looking back, because your natural following will only increase from there on.

Do Music Promotion

The next website which have for your promotion, and to buy SoundCloud plays is called “Do Music Promotion”. As a new and upcoming talent in the sea of musicians, you feel bogged down by the probability of failure more than the happiness of success. 

But, don’t worry Do Music Promotion is one of the best sites to buy SoundCloud plays in a secure manner, to help you grow exponentially with some initial support.

They offer 4 different plans: The Basic plan – Priced at $3.99, this plan is perfect for a beginner. It offers to reach up to 1000 plays within 24 hours, in a safe manner, with the provision of 24/7 support. Second is the Pro plan – Priced at $6.99, this is a plan to powerfully boost your views and reach up to 3000-4000 views. The results start showing in 24 hours. The third is the Pro Plus plan – At $8.99, Pro Plus plan will help you reach the top with 5000-6000 plays that come with this plan. And the last one is the Gold plan– The Gold plan at $16.99 is designed to reach up to 10000 plays and give you a wild jump on the SoundCloud charts.

With the assurance of professional service, keeping your information private and confidential, the website guarantees assured reproduction of your musical for enhanced exposure. A stand-out feature of domusicpromotion.com is their impetus on Client Satisfaction. Towards this end, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the delivered work.

Media Mister

We are sure, you are pretty excited to get viral and famous and make your music reach everyone. So, the ninth website in this list of best sites to buy SoundCloud plays is Media Mister. It is one the best sites to buy SoundCloud plays because of its guarantee of 100% real and cheap plays on SoundCloud.

Media Mister can help your content (music) reach to the masses and make your popularity sky-rocket. The prices start from as low as $3. And with this, you will be able to reach an audience which is your target group and gain instant popularity. The delivery is fast and if you are lucky, you might get bonus plays along with your order. Feeling lucky, eh?

PayPal is not supported as a payment option, but you can use credit card or cryptocurrency to pay for your order. 

Social Empire

Now, where you can easily buy SoundCloud plays. This is called Social Empire. To build your own empire, you need the help of this empire.

There are a total of 5 SoundCloud Play packages for you to choose from. The lowest one costs $2.49 and gets you 500 plays, then is $4.49 for 1000 plays, $6.49 for 3500 plays, $8.49 for 5000 plays and the highest one costs $14.49 for 10,000 plays. The delivery is fast with a maximum time of 2 days. You also get an option of opting for Optional likes, reposts and comments in every package.

It is a 5-step process that you need to follow, and you get closer to your success journey. 

The first step is the Planning step. Here, you are required to choose a plan and customize it according to your need. This step will take approximately 2 to 5 minutes The second step is called the Campaign step, where the Social Empire team creates a custom campaign as per your needs. This step takes approximately 8 to 24 hours. After this Step three is the Start step. It is the beginning of your campaign journey. The team launches your Marketing campaign, and the journey of getting plays begins.  The most crucial step now, is Step 4, which is Grow. This is a crucial step because here you start attracting and gaining plays for your music which is on the SoundCloud platform. 

The standout features of SoundCloud plays that you buy from Social Empire are – Fast, globally sourced Plays; High-Retention ensures longer watch-time; Lifetime Retention Guaranteed; No Login Details Required; 24/7 Customer Support; Safest Promotion Techniques; and Anonymous & Discreet Service.

Play My Cloud

Play My Cloud is another website in this list of best sites to buy SoundCloud plays. It is a very popular website amongst user looking to buy SoundCloud plays. The website offers three most sought after features which are its USP –: Seamless Process – Your music gets seamlessly posted across the global to a wider audience; Organic Flow – You get user traffic for your music from worldwide locations; and Multi-Genre – On the basis of your musical genre, the fans and audiences are chosen.

Play my cloud has 3 packages: Power Package: $3.99 for 1000 plays which are boosted within 24 hours of payment; Package: $5.99 for 5000 plays which are boosted within 24 hours of payment and the Turbo Package: $15 for 15,000 plays which are boosted within 24 hours of payment.

Play my clouds commitment towards elevating your music by boosting your tracks and increasing exposure is worth giving a shot. 

Fly me Social

The second last website on these best sites to buy SoundCloud plays is Fly me Social. They provide you an assurance that every play you buy comes from a real user. They give you high-quality plays, with a 100% risk-free guarantee associated with it. Starting from a very nominal price of $0.49 for 1000 plays, the highest price they charge is $12.85 for 50000 plays. Isn’t this a great deal? 

As per their website the Prominent Benefits they offer are: Enormous Play Counts, Massive Reach, Reliable Service, Worth for Every Penny and help you Stay Ahead.

Fly me Social assures that they will help you gain stardom by uplifting your visibility with real and reliable SoundCloud plays. It is definitely one of the best sites to buy SoundCloud plays, and inch closer to your dreams.

Stream Digic

Finally, the fifteenth website to buy SoundCloud plays is Stream Digic. As their website puts it, Stream Digic is “Your ultimate source of followers, likes and views for digital marketing & promotion.”

Stream Digic works in an efficient and a planned manner to highlight your music to the users of SoundCloud. It also boosts the profile of the creator, i.e, YOU, giving you a fighting chance to survive in the competitive music industry.

Stream Digic has nine different offerings to buy SoundCloud plays, starting from as low as $2.50 for 500 plays and going up to $99.90 for 200000 plays. With these offerings, you can choose to shine amongst the wide universe of SoundCloud, and not get lost in the crowd of thousands more newbies. If you want to stand out, and not stand alone, you will need to find a sound footing and, in the beginning, it is important to buy SoundCloud plays and take it forward from there.


With these fifteen websites, you have pretty good options to go out there and explore what suits the best to your profile. Which one fits your pockets, which one will help you gain a good global following, giving you and your music the boost, it requires. Rest assured, with this sure shot way of getting plays and a fan base, you will not need to buy SoundCloud plays again.

It will help you reach a level where you do not have to look back and keep growing and going viral. We cannot wait for you to get famous. Can you? Then why wait, bookmark this page as your go to reference to buy SoundCloud plays, as and when needed. Your Journey to becoming a musical sensation begins now!! Keep Rocking!