21 best sites to buy Facebook likes and followers

Facebook is a great place to market your brand in order to make a sale and gain a positive reputation since we all know just how much of a game-changer Facebook is for all the brands out there due to social media marketing. But as popular and as useful as Facebook is, its massive size makes it one of the toughest social media platforms to gain fame due to the presence of thousands of brands. It’s tough to gain fame but at least it ain’t impossible, and it can be even a little easy if you follow the tricks of the smart marketer, there are so many tips and tricks but in this article, we’ll just mention the third-party Facebook services through which you can gain Facebook likes and followers pretty quickly. So if you’re looking for a place to buy Facebook likes, then keep reading. 

Facebook is such a massive social media platform that whenever someone says “Social media”, we involuntarily think of some post we saw on Facebook and then we think of Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit, and other social media platforms? But what is it that we think of Facebook whenever we think of social media? That’s rather obvious ain’t it? Because we use Facebook rather frequently for almost everything. 

Due to which in the last couple of years Facebook has seen such massive growth that there’s not a single person today that doesn’t know about Facebook. So if you want to get popular facebook check this list of best sites to buy facebook followers.

Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes & Followers


While searching for websites that offer features for Facebook marketing, we realized that there are only a few websites that provide what they promise and hence we handpicked only the most trusted and legitimate sites, Social Packages was one of them. It’s been a while since Social Packages has been offering its services in order to promote and boost the presence of businesses and influencers with the help of their genuine quality and experienced team. Social Packages claim that they even helped many celebrities with boosting their reach. 

And just like Get Viral or any other site on this list, Social Packages top that stay far away from fake accounts and automated bots. As they too believe they might put their client’s account at risk instead of offering any long-term growth. Other than the quality of their services, their customers also prefer their affordable prices, as their package range fits all. 

Placing an order on Social Packages is pretty simple. You don’t have to put much time into it, after choosing a package according to your needs all you’ll have to do is add your post or video link and head to the payment page. And of course, just like GetViral they too ensure a secure payment method, you can perform the payment via PayPal or a credit card. 

They offer a refill guarantee but of course as the engagement will be coming from real people they can’t ensure retention as it totally depends on the quality of your content. But the engagement that you’ll receive will be from people who have an interest in the same niche. 


You must have heard of ViewsExpert although relatively they are quite new in this social media marketing industry still they gained fame and satisfied customers with the help of their experienced team and high-quality services. We liked how View Expert work, as they use their vast networks to boost your social media presence. Hence, The engagement that you’ll receive from them will actually be out of their interest. The followers that you’ll gain with their services will engage with your future content too.

Other than Facebook, they offer multiple options for almost every social media platform (Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and so on). Although for now their Instagram services are more well known but they aren’t just focusing on them as they are still growing. Ah! If you are looking for instant delivery then you might have to choose some other website from this list as they don’t offer instant delivery. Although they start working on your projects within minutes and take around 2-3 days to complete your order (depends on the size of your order). 

Their prices are more on the high side but it’s totally worth it as they offer better quality services as compared to many other websites in the market. And as accepted from a legitimate website, they prioritize their customer’s queries and difficulties and try to improvise in their customer support services from time to time, currently, they are offering  24/7 helpline numbers to resolve all the problems that you might face before and after the order is placed. 

To offer hassle-free checkout they offer multiple options for payment including debit or credit cards, PayPal (recommended).


Let’s start with one of the best sites to buy Facebook likes organically, namely GetViral, a well-known site that helps their customers gain engagement without involving any fake accounts or bots. Before implementing any marketing strategy, they test and try that strategy and only move forward if it doesn’t violate any terms & conditions of social media platforms. 

GetViral offers a quality and satisfaction guarantee as they are fully confident over their hard-working team and high-quality services. With GetViral you’ll get free refills but they don’t offer any guarantee over retention, as the engagement that you’ll get will be from real people hence it totally depends on your content. You’ll also get fast delivery, usually, GetViral delivers your order within 1-2 hrs. 

GetViral focuses on their client’s privacy, as no personal data will be stored through their portal and they also allow you to pay through their SSL encrypted checkout. Hence without any worries, you can move toward buying Facebook followers or likes through GetViral. 


Viralyft is a social media services provider that offers its services for nearly every social media platform. Through Viralyft you can easily find a package according to your needs and your budget since it offers flexible options. Apart from Facebook, Viralyft supplies services for Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Twitter. 

The Facebook Likes that you’ll receive from authentic users since Viralyft offers authentic engagement with the help of a genuine audience. They make sure that these followers will support you for the long term and if you are wondering whether they are safe or not, know that they have experience of 50 years in the marketing industry and have made sure that they implement only tested methods.

The best thing about Viralyft is its user-friendly interface because it makes the whole process more feasible, you can also track your order after deciding and placing your order. Since they start working on your order right after receiving the order, they take just 10 hrs to complete an order (it depends on the size of your order too). They guarantee retention but if in case you lose followers after receiving your order, you’ll need to inform them within 5 days since their free refills offer stays valid only for 5 days. In case of any questions or difficulty, you can get in touch with them anytime through their 24/7 active customer support and live chat.


FacebookLikes.co is a platform of professionals who aim to provide top-quality results. Use their supports and make your customers happy for the sake of publicity of your brand. They provide Likes & Followers, but anytime you need any information about Facebook Likes & Followers, facebooklikes.co is always here to assist you. Customers reviews on this site are fantastic because of 24 hours support and excellent quality of services.

Popularity on Facebook can be increased by using “FacebookLikes.co “. In your navigation bar, choose Facebook as your social media platform. Choose a service that you want, such as likes or followers. There will be a list of plans in front of you. Go through them carefully and pick the one that works for you.

You had to do some simple steps, there is no need of your account access simply paste your facebook post/page/profile Url/Link where you want likes, then you need to complete the Paypal process and then you have a personal interface of your account for payment process from Paypal. Now, all you have to do now is sit back and wait for your likes to start pouring in within 8-30 Hours making you famous overnight. You must be happy knowing that there is no need for any type of passport. With the Facebook Likes packages, you can buy facebook page likes, post likes and followers between 100 likes and 20,000 likes at very reasonable rates. When we use its’s service, we are happy now due to results, and we recommend to use this. Prices as compared to other sites had very low, quality of services is perfect and this website gives money back guarantee on all their services.


And finally, with this we’ve reached the last site of this article that is Fastlikes; if compared to some of the bigger names in this article then Fastlikes might appear small and a lesser-known social media services provider, but much like other popular social media promotional websites, Fastlikes too does its best to provide only the best and genuine services for the social media platform they are offering services for.

Although Fastlikes’s Facebook services are the best seller, they offer services for other social media platforms too including YouTube, TikTok, and Spotify. With Fastlikes you can buy Facebook likes, likes for your page, status, post, or video, likes for your website, followers, participants for events, and votes or likes for competition. There isn’t any service related to Facebook that you won’t find on Fastlikes. The majority of their Social media packages are also reasonably priced and start at about €5 for 100 Facebook likes. 

If you’re looking for targeted packages then you’ll be happy to know that Fastlikes offers targeted social media packages that will let you target European and french speaking audiences. 

It’s pretty easy to buy Fastlikes packages, all you need to do is enter the video/post link and add the necessary information, after that you’ll proceed to the payment page and make the payment; as of now, Faslikes.io offers payment methods that include PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and few other common payment options. 

To deliver your package Fastlikes usually takes around 1-2 days if the package is small but if it’s large then it can take up to 1 week. And of course, in case of any questions regarding any of their services, you can simply get in touch with their active and friendly customer support who will definitely clear your doubts.


If you search for firms that offer social media promotional services, you’ll come across thousands of such firms but sadly, most of them are scams. Famups is one of those social media service providers that offer authentic services to their customers so that they can increase their traffic on Facebook. To date, Famups has successfully completed 15,249 orders and worked on over 1000 projects. 

Although their user interface is pretty basic, the quality of services is what matters. They use organic marketing strategies in order to grow their client’s engagement and presence on Facebook. You should definitely give Famups a try if you’re looking to buy Facebook likes. 

Famups offers 24/7 live chat and email support, and I got to admit it, they’re very friendly and usually reply quickly 

Even though Famups is the one-stop solution for Facebook services, they also offer services for all other major social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitter. If we talk about their pricing, we believe Famups packs are reasonably priced as per the market, as for the delivery timings, it largely depends on how big your package is.


Famoid, is one of the big names among Social media services providers even though it was established just a few years ago (in 2017), Famoid started as a Software development firm based in Delaware U.S.A but switched its focus to providing top quality social media services for various brands. 

Other than Facebook, Famoid offers its services for 2 other major social media platforms namely  Instagram and YouTube. For their Facebook packages, they offer Facebook fan Page likes and Facebook likes packages; these packages start at $12.95 per 100 likes. Even though Famoid offers decent packages for Facebook and YouTube, their specialty is providing Instagram packages but that might change since it is still in the growth phase much like Famups. 

The best feature of Famoid is that they do their best to prioritize their customer’s security by using completely secure payment methods and they also take their customer’s security standards over anything else. Nearly all the Packages in all the categories provided by Famoid are from active people so you’ll have to face little to no chances of being slapped with a Facebook ban and to date they have satisfied over 2,41,067 customers. 


Much like the other social media service providers, Social-Viral will help you improve engagement rates on your Social media accounts and gain more credibility through risk-free methods since their packages are made up of active users. 

Social Viral offers a lot of services for various Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Spotify while their packages include likes packages, views packages, and followers packages for the aforementioned platforms. 

Social Viral pride themselves as a customer-centric firm which is why they try their hardest to ensure that their clients are satisfied with their services. Other than their 24/7 email support they also monitor your account for several weeks after purchase in case your follower count drops, they offer free top-offs for a week if they do drop. 


For our next best site to buy Facebook likes we have Venuim; Venium was founded in 2001 as a site (app available) that provides you nearly all the services that you’ll need for any social media platforms of your choice. It is one of the best sites to buy Facebook likes whose sole purpose is to help you boost your business and to gain limelight on Facebook;  Venium uses their premium networks that comprise over 5,000,000+ targeted users just to provide you with high-quality Facebook followers and likes. 

It offers a lifetime guarantee on all their services and if you face any issues or have any doubts, you can get in touch with their 24/7 customer support. Venium has over 10 years of experience and offers one of the best services when it comes to providing social media services; it is also listed by TrustedSite and verified by McAfee. 


For our 7th site, we have GetRealBoost and as the name states, it can help you boost engagement on any social media platform of your choice. GetRealBoost has one of the best Facebook packages and for the sole purpose of providing you the best services, their experts share your post (where you wish for more likes) with-in their networks and website partners. This method makes it possible for you to have your post/posts liked by people who’re genuinely interested 

Get Real Boost keeps Facebook’s anti-third party algorithm in mind while providing their packages and their Facebook likes packages start at $11 for 200 likes to $130 for 25000 likes. If you want to buy Facebook followers and likes, we absolutely recommend GetRealBoost.   


And now we have our 8th social media services provider to buy Facebook likes namely FBSkip. And as the name suggests, they’re known for their incredible Facebook packages but they don’t limit themselves to only Facebook and are offering their excellent services for social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. 

FBskip isn’t a newbie and has been in this field for over 6 years. Their experienced professionals use their knowledge to improve the quality of their services so you can have the best packages no matter which package you select. 

This is why FBskip provides their Facebook likes from genuine users that often engage with your content and have a profile picture, bio, and a few posts. If there’s any drop in the likes after making the purchase, FBSkip will refill them for free no matter how long it has been since the purchase date. FBSkip also lets you target the audience so you can pick between likes from Asia, Europe, and USA-based individuals, they’re definitely worth being called the best site to buy Facebook likes don’t you think so? 

Buy More Fans

For our 10th site, we have yet another incredible site which just like its name, can help you buy more fans or more Facebook likes in this case. To date, Buy More Fans has served over 10,000 to their utmost satisfaction and they offer their services for various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. For Facebook packages, you only offer Facebook likes packages, and these start at $20 per 500 followers, which is rather expensive. 

In the rare case that you lose your likes, they will refill them for free if they dropped within 6 months of purchase. Buy More fans takes 2-3 days to deliver your order after the purchase.

Insta Followers

Insta Followers is yet another one of the best sites to buy Facebook likes and although it sounds like it might be providing services only for Instagram it’s not like that. As they are providing services for multiple platforms including Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, VK, Tumblr, Twitch, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etcetera. 

Insta Followers provide packages for Facebook likes, followers, comments, 5-star ratings, shares, comment likes, and everything that you might need to boost your Facebook page. 

Their packages range from 100 likes for $1.89 to 10000 likes for $135.00. If they fail to deliver your order they’ll give all your money back. 

Socio Blend

Another great site that offers services for almost every social media platform, whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, SoundCloud, Quora, you name it they have it. So if you are looking for a website that helps you promote multiple social media platforms, you can try Socio Blend.

They also allow you to target the audience based on the countries which might be useful for businesses, you can contact their customer for the same. With their user-friendly website, you can find all the information on their website. And just like many other sites delivery time will differ accordingly with the plan that you’ll choose. 

Fans Instant

Since 2013, Fans Instant has been providing satisfactory services in order to enhance their clients brand visibility on different social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and SoundCloud) They offer customizable packages for a various different level of organizations, if we talk about the affordability of those packages, you can find a package cost as low as $5.

They offer quick delivery, usually, they complete your order within 12 hrs and till now they have over 60,000 satisfied customers. In case they fail to deliver your order in the given time frame, they ensure that they’ll renew the order. For customer support, they offer 24/7 email support. And if you still have doubts do know that they have been featured on Google, Mashable, and Forbes. 

I Buy Fans

Another site on the list is I Buy Fans, who work very much like Fans Instant, within the 12 hrs of your order they start working on it. If you want quick delivery you can contact them for it. I Buy Fans will also guide you while choosing your order, in case you are having difficulty in choosing, after knowing about your budget, goals, and requirements they will suggest you a package.

And if in case they fail to deliver your order (it’s rare though) they will refund you for the same. And of course, you don’t have to worry about getting banned as the engagement that you’ll receive from them will be from real people. 

Audience Gain

If compared with other sites in this article, Audience Gain works a bit differently, as after getting your order they start with analyzing your account, audience, popularity, followers, and engagement. And then they create custom campaigns depending on their analyses and every campaign is different from the other, while forming your campaign they also consider your industry, account status, and other requirements. 

But they don’t guarantee retention and neither do they offer a replacement. They take 48-72 hours to analyze your account, and within 72 hrs you’ll start seeing visible results(if not they offer a money-back guarantee). Other than their 24/7 customer support, to make things feasible they have a separate number for just refund and billing options alone. The most well-known service that they offer is for Facebook but of course, they aren’t just limited to that, you can get almost all services for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, and LinkedIn 


As the name suggests Boost Likes helps in boosting engagement on your different social media platforms and just like other sites on this list they are too completely safe as they follow Facebook terms and conditions so you don’t have to worry about getting banned. Boost Likes is one of the best sites to buy Facebook followers and likes, as every follower that you’ll get from Boostlikes will engage with your content. The interesting thing is if you do blogging and if you mention them, they will offer you a $30 gift certificate (We aren’t mentioning them because of that)

But sadly they don’t offer fast delivery, They take around 4 to 7 days to complete smaller packages while their larger packages might take 10 to 30+ days, as they promote your page manually. As they take time to deliver your order, you can contact them to know the status. They don’t offer targeted audiences but they mostly try to promote your page to an English-speaking audience, it’s not under their control though. 

Media Mister

Till now Media Mister has satisfied over 50k customers and they claim to take full responsibility for your satisfaction. Websites in this industry rarely offer a satisfaction guarantee but Media Mister is so confident in their team and services that they guarantee you that they will refund the full amount if their services fail to satisfy you.

For small packages, they take 1 to 5 days to complete your order while large packages might take around 5-10 days (Worth the wait). Also, with Media Mister, you can target your exact audience as they offer a lot of options to target your audience. 

Their high-quality services, friendly customer support, and affordability will help you build a strong and profitable presence on Facebook. 


Soclikes are quite interesting as you won’t believe that are offering hundreds of promotional services. And for each social media platform, they have multiple options available. Their package services are unique as we never saw any other social media marketing agency offer that. Those packages offer a bundle with likes, comments, followers, etc. And these packages make a lot more sense, as anyone can tell that something is weird if your Facebook page has 1000 followers but only 10-20 likes and 2-3 comments. It’s obvious that gaining more facebook followers without getting considerable engagement makes your page look fake and you can avoid that with their package option by getting followers, likes, and comments all at once. Another great thing about them is that they offer free trials.

If we talk about affordability some of their services cost even less than $1 which is quite amazing as it doesn’t matter if you are a small, medium, or large organization you’ll definitely find a service that will fulfill all your requirements without making a hole in your wallet. And they offer services for almost all social media platforms whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, telegram, or anything else they have it all.


Socialwick, one of the biggest social media stores that have completed over 7 million orders till now. The best thing about Socialwick is that they totally work according to their customers, as they are totally customizable. You can ask for any number of likes, comments, followers, views, etc within a particular limit depending upon your needs, and they offer all that at affordable prices. You can even find packages that are less than $1 so no matter if you are a small business or a one-man army, with Socialwick you can purchase a Facebook likes package that suits your requirements and budget. 

Socialwick tries its best to help you market your brand on social media platforms successfully and stand out among your competitors. Among all the services that they offer, their Instagram services are the most preferred ones. 

In case your likes, followers, comments, etc disappear over time you can contact them to ask for refills, do note that they offer free refills only if you ask them within the first 30 days of your purchase. Plus, if you want to test their services you can try their free Instagram likes, to check the quality. 


And with that, we’ve reached the end of this article and I’d like to thank you for sticking around till the very end and also I sincerely hope that this article helped you find your most suitable site to buy Facebook likes

We did our best and mentioned most of the tie sites that offer Facebook followers and likes in this article, but as we know, there are many other sites like Evil-Mart, that provide Facebook services out there. If you’ve come across a genuine site not mentioned in this article, do reach out to us through the comments section or mail us.