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How to choose the best espresso beans for your morning coffee

‘Tomato’ or ‘Tamato’, ‘Potato’ or ‘Patato’, ‘Coffee’ or ‘espresso’ – is there really a difference? Well, not maybe with the potatoes and tomatoes, but definitely when it comes to espressos and coffees.

For many centuries, people have tried to perfect the best cup of brew. Whether it is in their own homes or at a barista, coffee and espresso made from high quality beans are just incomparable to quick brews.

There’s a reason why a cup of Joe tastes so much better at your local coffee shop; to when you make it at home from a cheap tin bought at your local supermarket. This is because coffee shops source the best beans in the world to create slowly roasted and very strong cups of caffeine. Go here to learn more about the harvesting and farming of coffee beans.

Do It Yourself

Luckily, over the past years, it has become more popular for people to brew their own cups of deliciousness at their homes. Using different machines and brewing techniques, you can now make your own cup of strong coffee in the comfort of your own home.

It has become even more evident that when you want to create a cup similar to the one you find at Starbucks, you need the right kind of beans.

Difference Between Espresso and Coffee

Both espressos and coffees use the same kind of beans to create a product. The big difference is in the way you prepare it. There are other differences between a normal cup of coffee and an espresso. Real coffee lovers know the difference. For more information on espresso, check out this link:

It is worth mentioning, that you won’t really be able to achieve the right kind of blend and taste if you don’t use the right kinds of beans. Espresso beans are usually much darker and richer in taste. Because you’ll be drinking this hot beverage without any milk or sweetener, you want it to achieve the perfect satisfactory taste.

In many cases, espressos can taste harsh and bitter. For centuries people have assumed that this is just the way it has to be. But, when you use the right kinds of beans, you can actually achieve a complex, rich, and full flavor. Many people prefer a floral and fruity aroma with hints of citrus and spice.

How do I Choose the Best Beans?

When choosing beans for either espresso or coffee, then you can consider the following factors:

Personal Preference

Just like people have different preferences when it comes to mild and hot, they have preferences when it comes to strength in beans. Arabica and Robusta are the two broad categories when it comes to brews. Arabica has a smooth and acidic taste because it grows in areas with high altitude. Compared to Robusta that has a more bitter and stronger taste. It grows in areas with a low altitude.

Knowing which one of these broad categories you prefer, will help you choose sub-variants of Arabica and Robusta in the future.

Caffeine Content

Espressos are known to have a bit more kick than a normal cup of brew. This is because it is usually taken as a shot in the mornings to kick start the day. As a general rule, you can have a look at the color of the bean itself. The darker the bean, the higher the caffeine contents will be.

Because we need espressos to have a high caffeine content, you will rather choose a darker bean for brewing it.

Credible Roaster

When you buy some of these amazing espresso beans it’s important that you consider the roaster you get it from. Credible roasters and well-known brands have perfected their own roasts. Not only is the roast and blend perfectly created for making espressos at home, but they are also sourced from high quality places.

Since the quality of the bean is important in the quality of the cup of coffee, you should consider a credible roaster that sources from high grade farmers and farms. Also keep in mind the roast date, to ensure the beans are still fresh.

Choosing the right beans is all about tasting and testing. In the end, you’ll find a roast you love.

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