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Seneca County IDA seeking board member for open position

Editor’s Note: The following is an announcement from the Seneca County Industrial Development Agency.

The Seneca County IDA is seeking any interested person who is a resident of Seneca County to serve on the IDA Board. 

The agency’s primary purpose is to promote private sector commercial and industrial development, and advance the job opportunities and economic welfare of the people of Seneca County.

Personal and Professional Qualities of Board Members will include:

  • Business leadership and management skills:  with attention being paid to a diversity of specializations.  Such specializations should include executive management decision making, finance, accounting, agriculture marketing, and sales in an industrial manufacturing or service industry environment.  
  • Commitment:  IDA board members must be willing to take their responsibilities seriously, be dedicated to faithfully execute the Agency’s mission, and be willing to act in the best interest of the IDA as opposed to any specific political or special interest agenda.  A willingness to invest the time and effort needed to be conscientious, interested, and prepared to participate in the oversight of the IDA is required.  Prospective board members should have a demonstrated commitment to fostering the economic development of the entire geographical community served by an IDA.
  • Integrity:  IDA board members are required to balance duty and loyalty to their IDA with responsibilities they may have with other public, personal and professional relationships that could influence their actions and decisions. Board members should have a demonstrated ability to exercise sound judgment, make decisions independently, maintain confidentiality, stand aside from local political influence, and be sensitive to even the appearance of a conflict of interest.  

Temperament:  Seneca County IDA operates in an environment of transparency, and compliance with a Code of Ethics.  IDA board members should comprise a diversity of backgrounds, experience and perspectives on issues where respect for others, teamwork, and the highest degree of professional ethics are required. Board members should have a demonstrated interest and ability to build consensus, and a willingness to make appropriate decisions that support the economic development of their jurisdiction.