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Report: Cuomo used state staff to write his pandemic memoir, while public health crisis played out in New York

There are multiple investigations underway into the actions of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

There’s the impeachment investigation, another led by Attorney General Tish James, as well as a third being propelled by federal authorities.

Now, the New York Times is reporting that in addition to sexual misconduct allegations and nursing home misreporting- Gov. Cuomo may have used resources from his own office to write his pandemic memoir.

Cuomo is now accused of using his state staff to type- and even edit portions of the book. The Times further reports that Melissa DeRosa, secretary to Gov. Cuomo, was heavily involved in the process.

“Clearly from what I’ve read from the report, assuming that the commentary is accurate, the allegations are accurate, I see potential violations of the public offices law for using, you know, state equipment and assets, resources of his office and his personnel for personal gain, for something he’s being paid for personally,” Republican Assemblyman Michael Montesano said, speaking with CNY Central. He’s a ranking member of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, which is leading the impeachment investigation.

Altogether, Gov. Cuomo is said to have been offered more than $4 million to write the book.