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Visitation at nursing homes stalled despite easing of state restrictions, facilities working on plans to welcome visitors

New York State has lifted visitor restrictions at nursing homes, but that doesn’t mean things are ‘back to normal’.

Many facilities across New York are still trying to iron out plans to welcome visitors back to nursing homes.

On Friday, 13WHAM reported that families reached out to them- voicing concerns over facilities that were still being prohibited from visiting family members.

The problem? While the state has eased its restrictions, facilities are creating their own policies for welcoming back visitors.

“You hear on TV that you are going to be able to see your husband and then immediately the next day, you get there and you can’t. It’s like when’s this going to stop? When is it going to end?” one frustrated family member told 13WHAM.

The issue appears to be that nursing homes were caught off-guard by the policy change. They didn’t expect it, which means they weren’t prepared for it. The announcement, like many with easing restrictions in the state, left nursing homes scrambling.

They expect policies to be sorted out in the coming weeks.