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Still waiting for your stimulus? $1,400 payments going out via debit card in coming weeks

If you have not received your $1,400 stimulus check yet there is a good chance that it will arrive in the coming days.

Those making less than $75,000 as individuals, or $150,000 as couples have been receiving stimulus checks for the last two weeks. A large batch landed in checking accounts on March 17. Another round is expected to arrive this week.

That said, millions across the U.S. are still waiting.

If you receive your funds through a pre-loaded debit card- like those who receive social security benefits through a card like that- stimulus payments will arrive within the next few weeks. That’s according to Direct-Express, the company that operates the pre-loaded cards.

For those who receive paper checks- the wait could be significantly longer. In fact, it could take 1-2 months for those payments to process and drop.

The IRS maintains that the easiest way to find your status is to check the ‘Get My Payment’ tool on their website.

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