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Red Gold Kratom – Effects & Review

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It is worthy of note that Red Gold Kratom stands out among other varieties of kratom strains in terms of high potency. Red Vein Gold Kratom is also known as ‘super Red Gold Kratom’. The uniqueness in its method of drying is the main reason why it is assigned that special name.

Red Gold Kratom contains high alkaloids. As a result, its demand is very high compared to other kratom strains. The abundance of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in Red Gold contributes to its high potency. Thus, the word ‘super’ is prefixed to its name. These two substances are the main alkaloids in kratom. This Super Red Gold Kratom can be processed into both capsules and powder.


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What is Red Gold Kratom?

The high potency of this strain makes the attachment ‘super’ a very suitable prefix for it. In addition to the potency, the uniqueness of its processing procedure makes it stand out among other strains. The yellow shade that is found in its powder after processing accounts for the ‘gold’ appendage. Also, the red vein is the main color of the leaf. While the powder, one of its by-products, is expected to come with the same color, it surprisingly appears in a yellow because of the oxidation process used in drying it.

Red Gold Kratom Effects and Benefits

The huge concentration of alkaloids as well as the processing procedure contributes to the intensity of the effects of Red Vein Gold. Therefore, users are advised to exercise caution and be watchful of their body reaction to the intensity of the effects of the strain. The benefits that can be derived from Red Gold Kratom are huge. Please find below some of the benefits;

It Is Highly Sedative

Taking Red Vein Gold Kratom after exhaustion from work enhances calmness and comfort. The powder calms and relaxes the body.

Highly Potent As an Analgesic

The high concentration of alkaloids in Red Kratom Gold enables it to relieve pain and stress. Taking a high dose for instant pain relief is however frowned upon. Note that it may take some time to feel the effect of the strain; hence there is no need to rush the dose.

It Creates A Euphoric Feeling

The feeling of extreme pleasure derived from taking a high dose of the strain is sometimes described as rapturous. It provides a natural euphoric feeling, though its intensity is not as strong as that of opioids.

Red Gold Kratom Dosage

As noted earlier, paying attention to the way your body reacts to different doses of Red Vein Gold Kratom is important. This is because of the high concentration and intensity of Red Gold.  You can buy either the gold capsule or powder. In whatever form it comes, strict adherence to the directions, especially the dosage is necessary. Following the recommended dosage would guarantee the desired result.

Beginners are advised to take 1 to 2 grams. They should start with such a low dose which is sufficient for their comfort and relaxation. As for experienced users, they can take between 2.5 and 4.5 grams. It is important that they observe the reaction of the herb to their body to maintain a dosage that suits them.

Meanwhile, expert users and those whose body systems are highly tolerant to kratom may take a maximum of 7 grams of the herb. Taking more than 7 grams may be dangerous to health.

Taking an excessive amount of Red Gold Kratom has negative effects. You should not take more than what your body system can tolerate. Side effects of excessive intake include nausea, irritability, and excessive stimulation, among others.

Red Gold Kratom Alternatives

In a situation where after using Red Vein Gold Kratom, you don’t feel the effect the way others have felt it, you can seek an alternative strain. Red Malay and Red Hulu can be taken to manage anxiety, while Red Kali or Vietnam are effective pain relievers.

Is Red Gold Kratom Worth Trying?

Yes, it is! The experience of people using Red Gold Kratom has been wonderful. It is therefore recommended. You can demand a sample from a vendor where available. While subpar Kratom is not worth it, premium quality Red Gold is worth everything.

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