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Scammers are using personal info of dead people to get unemployment, and New York isn’t catching it

Among the types of fraud that have been happening with regard to unemployment insurance- using the names and personal information of dead people has been well-documented.

But News10NBC learned that the problem is so serious- that people who have been dead for a long time are being victimized. They spoke with Mary Rhinehart, who lived with her best friend Shar in Rochester. “Recently, I started getting information in the mail for her… somebody was applying for unemployment in her name but she died 8 years ago? I was shocked,” Rhinehart told them.

The scammers were using her name, personal information, and even social security number to file for unemployment.

And the fact that she’s been deceased for eight years was not enough- apparently- to trip any type of warning at the state-level. It doesn’t appear the scammer received any benefits yet, but Rhinehart has been receiving communications from the state Department of Labor, notifying her of the alleged claims.

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