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Do meds like Advil or ibuprofen impact COVID vaccine effectiveness?

Over the last few months, as vaccine doses roll out to communities across New York and the U.S., concerns have been raised about over the counter medications.

The CDC recommends that individuals not take antihistamines or other over the counter medicines- like ibuprofen, asprin or Advil.

Why? There is potential for it impacting the effectiveness of the vaccine. That said, there haven’t been any full-studies on the matter.

Dr. Nancy Bennett, the co-chair of the Finger Lakes COVID-19 Vaccine Hub tells News10NBC that if a person did take any of those medications during the vaccination process- getting another dose isn’t necessary.

“If someone took anti-inflammatory medications, they do not need to be revaccinated,” Dr. Bennett told News10NBC. “It is possible to test for COVID-19 antibodies but since they are not the only predictor of protection, it is not necessary to be tested for them after vaccination.”

For those who take these drugs as maintenance or on a regular basis- experts even go as far as to say that individuals should continue taking them before and after they get vaccinated.

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