Get the wrong bill after traveling the Thruway? Disputing it is easy

Since last fall the New York State Thruway has been cashless.

If you have an E-ZPass your credit or debit card has likely been getting charged since the changeover. If you don’t- then you’ve likely been receiving a bill in the mail periodically.

News10NBC recently featured a ‘good question’ on a set of circumstances that some have reported. What happens if you get a toll in the mail that isn’t yours? In one viewer’s experience- a license plate reader mixup caused a $3.54 bill to be sent to him- instead of the actual owner.

Officials say the answer is simple: Call and dispute it. Incorrect bills can also be disputed by mail.

The number to do this is 518-471-5300.

E-ZPass billing issues can also be disputed in the same manner.

There’s also a form on the Thruway Authority website. “Wrong license plate,” is one of the reasons that can be checked off. However, if more explanation is necessary- there’s space for it.

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