Boone added that this is something Andújar felt during his time playing winter ball. It subsided but has now come to the surface yet again.

“Something he felt a little in winter ball. He took a swing and it’s kinda calmed down and he’s obviously playing and fine,” Boone said. “Then, he noticed it in his last game he played. It just got a little more sore again. So we’ve kinda been treating it here these last several days.”

This couldn’t come at a worse time for a player like Andújar fighting to make the 26-man roster this spring. In 15 at-bats this spring, he only has two hits, though he’s been making pretty good contact thus far.

As Boone said, the team will find out more in the coming days. But, either way you look at it, this is crucial playing time that Andújar is missing as he tends to his injury.