Four incredible benefits of CBD oil for dogs

Is your canine not as cheerful as usual? Given the friendliness and vigor of these creatures, it’s rather surprising to see them grumpy and unwilling to play fetch. The most obvious cause of such behavior is coping with a health problem.

Canines are at risk of facing joint problems, skin conditions, seizures, allergies, anxiety, and other health issues common in humans. Since medications do harm to their internal organs, CBD oil is considered an effective natural remedy. The numerous benefits of CBD oil dogs would get in favor of the physical and mental health of canines.

Learn more about its benefits in detail.

Helps with joint problems

Canines are surprisingly susceptible to joint problems, especially osteoarthritis. Approximately sixty percent of the dog population is believed to suffer from a form of arthritis or other joint disorders. These conditions manifest with tissue deterioration, severe inflammation, and overwhelming pain. Canines suffering from such health problems show signs of irritability, stiffness, lethargy, and limping.

Dogs coping with joint problems such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, sprains, and torn ligaments are usually prescribed painkillers or NSAIDs by veterinarians. Nevertheless, the largest part of these medications induces side effects like kidney and liver damage. Therefore, CBD oil is recommended as an alternative, carrying a much lower risk of adverse effects.

Moreover, CBD oil binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors to encourage the immune system to fight inflammation. By corresponding with CB1 brain receptors, cannabidiol alters the way in which the brain reacts to pain by blocking the signals.

In addition, the interaction CBD has with CB2 receptors, located in the nervous system, aids the natural production of cannabinoids. The more cannabinoids the body produces, the lower the inflammation. After a short period of giving cannabidiol to your dog, he/she is likely to improve its mobility. Visit this website to learn how to help dogs with joint problems and stiffness.

Reduces seizures

Seizures are another common health problem in canines, affecting almost five percent of these creatures. Dogs are believed to suffer from seizures due to a variety of reasons, such as liver disease, kidney disease, poisoning, head trauma, etc. In such cases, the electric charges of brain neurons become abnormal and result in muscle twitching, drooling, collapsing, and foaming.

After diagnosing seizures in canines, most veterinarians tend to prescribe antiepileptic drugs. Similar to painkillers, these medications are detrimental to the kidneys and liver of dogs. In contrast, CBD oil has proven largely effective in reducing seizures, providing positive results in almost ninety percent of dogs in a four-month period.

Furthermore, cannabidiol is known to have a reducing effect on seizures because of restoring the communication between neurons. Following a period of a few months, this cannabinoid encourages neurons to fire normally, which in turn impedes seizures.

Relieves anxiety

When it comes to their mental health, a large number of canines suffer from a form of anxiety. This feeling of nervousness can appear in the form of aggression, fear, noise phobia, or separation anxiety. Anxious canines are subjected to behavior changes, which include pacing, barking, digging, shivering, destroying furniture, etc.

Instead of treating anxiety with antidepressants, why not use CBD oil to relieve the symptoms of nervousness and stress in your pet? This cannabinoid is believed to regulate serotonin, which is responsible for mood regulation, proper digestion, social behavior, and high-quality sleep. When serotonin levels are low, canines become sleep-deprived, unhappy, and less sociable. See this link,, for an explanation of the role of serotonin in mental illnesses.

Whenever your canine shows symptoms of anxiety, you are supposed to administer CBD oil sublingually so as to provide the quickest relief. In a period between five and twenty minutes, your pet will experience a boost in mood. In case your beloved companion is susceptible to stress, ingesting cannabidiol on a daily basis would be the best solution.

Alleviates allergy and skin condition symptoms

Canines are at high risk of experiencing allergies such as atopic dermatitis, food, and flea allergies. These furry creatures are also likely to have an allergic reaction when coming in contact with different substances in the environment like mold, pollen, dust, and grass.

Additionally, many canines suffer from skin problems, such as lupus, dandruff, mange, yeast infections, impetigo, etc. As a result, they experience skin sores, redness, itchiness, lumps, hair loss, and dry skin. These symptoms cause extreme discomfort in dogs, which also manifests with diarrhea, vomiting, swelling, and inflamed skin.

Moreover, allergies and skin conditions are best treated with topicals, applied directly to the inflamed areas. Fortunately, there is a huge array of CBD topicals for canines, containing not only cannabidiol but other soothing ingredients. Creams and body lotions are massaged onto their skin, whereas topical sprays are sprayed all over the irritated area. Nevertheless, CBD oil is also convenient to use for the treatment of skin problems. Make sure to put a couple of drops on the spot and rub them inside the skin to provide quick relief.

Cannabidiol is the right choice for allergies and skin issues in dogs since it provides sufficient moisture, reduces inflammation, and minimizes itchiness. Most importantly, CBD oil induces the growth of skin cells in order to restore the health of dogs’ skin.

Final thoughts

Your furry friend deserves to be healthy and vigorous.

Make sure to use CBD oil whenever your pet suffers from a health issue!