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Helming continues push for return to in-person learning at schools

Sen. Pam Helming is continuing her push for a return to five-day, in-person learning at schools across the Finger Lakes and New York State.

“At the February 25 health budget hearing, Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker was asked about school reopening guidance. He said he hoped to have more information by the following week. He called it a ‘high priority’ and said his department was working on this. Yet here we are, and nothing from the state health department or the Governor, who as recently as March 3, talked about the need to return students to in-class learning,” she said. “There is confusion about the current state guidance as well as who has the authority on this. The state has created this confusion. The state health department must take immediate action to provide schools with clear guidance and certainty.”

Administrators from around the region have voiced support of going back to school full-time. However, changes have been requested with regard to the distancing guidance.

“The schools in my district overwhelmingly want to get students back in class five days a week. The ball is in the state’s court. Issue clear guidance that everyone can understand and help get our students back in school, where they belong,” Helming added. “The Governor never hesitates to issue directives telling people what to do. And now, thanks to Senate Democrats who pushed through Friday’s so-called emergency powers bill, his authority to do so continues. So Governor and Dr. Zucker, will you help our schools reopen or not?”

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