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What’s next with Huntington Building in Seneca Falls? Construction not yet underway, per officials

What’s happening with the Huntington Building in Seneca Falls?

That question has been posed to the newsroom a handful of times- especially since work appeared to begin on the property a few weeks ago.

Earlier in the winter, before that work began, we requested an update on the sale and redevelopment of the property. The plan, before the pandemic was to convert it into rental units. While that’s still the plan, it’s currently held up- pending state and federal funding.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

Supervisor Mike Ferrara said that the work being done currently is only to cover the windows. He says the potential buyers have paid to have the windows covered to prevent further damage.

“There was also an interior flood due to a sprinkler head freezing,” Ferrara explained. “The water and electricity are now off at this point. Nothing will happen until Home leasing secures the federal, state and DRI grants.”

The site was previously subject to debate on various Town committees about the best use for the building. Developers say the structure will be ready for occupancy by 2022. However, it’s unclear if that timeline will hold up given delays in funding caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s how developers describe the project:

“Poised at the western entrance to the historic village of Seneca Falls, the Huntington Building is a circa 1870s three-story structure that experienced innumerable additions and subtractions over the decades.  In 2019, Town and Heritage Preservation Commission leaders assisted the owner in a sale of the vacant, former car dealership to Rochester’s Home Leasing, a Rochester housing developer with experience in market-rate and low-income projects.

Propelled in part by participation in a NYS Downtown Revitalization Investment (DRI) process and tasked by the Town and Home Leasing with respecting the building’s heritage and Falls Street facade, HUNT’s designers set out to modernize and rejuvenate the Huntington by addressing the rear of the building and its relationship to the Seneca Canal. HUNT and its project partners also followed State Historic Preservation (SHPO) funding guidelines.

By restoring the former mansard roof and creating another addition, HUNT was able to create a financially viable number of rental units. The design evokes the building’s origin, its subsequent alterations, and simultaneously offers a 21st Century ‘industrial chic’.  The 50 unit are divided into four studios, 42 one-bedroom units, and four two-bedroom apartments  — all ADA compliant. 

Renovating the Huntington extends Seneca Falls walkability and vibrancy and also paves the way for even further development. Design was completed in early 2020 with occupancy in 2022.”

Renderings below show the future of the Huntington Building: