Best Delta 8 Cartridges: Top 3 Delta 8 THC Vape Carts 2021

How do you like relaxing after a long, stressful day?

While some would resort to taking a nap, others would probably munch on a few sweet or savory snacks. But what if we told you that there was a substance that not only came in your favorite fruity variants but might also help you reach a state of euphoria?

Delta 8 carts are legally approved and are capable of providing you with psychoactive effects for a short duration.

Containing pre-measured quantities of Delta 8, Delta- 8 carts might be safe for daily consumption and may also be able to help your body and mind feel the pleasant high, as your tongue tries to figure out the different flavors it is available in.

We have selected for you the 5 best delta 8 carts to choose from and see for yourself, which brand works the best for you! 

Best Delta 8 Carts In The Market:

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, you can consume Delta 8 without any hassle.

Best Delta 8 Carts [Reviews]:

Diamond CBD – Top Rated 93% Delta 8 THC

Brought to you by one of the best manufacturers of Delta 8 carts, Diamond CBD helps you enjoy the mild high without causing any strong hallucinations.

Their hemp is cultivated organically to create one of the best and pure Delta-8 products that provide the world a better idea and awareness about the benefits of the same. You can enjoy its potency and superior quality with every cart.

The best part about this brand is that it might help cure chronic pain and illness in the long run. However, you should always consult a doctor before trying it out.

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Diamond CBD: Brand Overview

This brand is quite popular in the market for its hemp-derived products which has been deemed as an award-winning initiative. 

Diamond CBD only utilizes organic harvesting methods for hemp, as they give back to the environment with their eco-friendly initiatives.

You can purchase Diamond CBD Delta 8 carts directly from the official website. They also have some discount offers available if you bulk up on extra products in one purchase

The brand offers different variants of Delta 8 carts to suit all types of users. If you are looking for a high-quality variant, the highest you can go for is a 500mg Delta 8 cart.


  • Diamond CBD is one of the most trusted Delta 8 cart brands in the market
  • The carts are of the highest quality and 100% organic for usage
  • They taste great and provide a euphoric feeling for longer durations
  • They are lab tested for daily consumption
  • The brand focuses on eco-friendly measures and is transparent about its workings, to its customers
  • Even though it is a little expensive, the quality of the Delta-8 cart is worth every penny


  • Since Diamond CBD offers a vast range of products, it might get confusing for a number of customers
  • The shipping process takes longer than usual
  • This can only be used at low heat

Which Diamond CBD Variants Are Mostly Available?

When you purchase a Diamond CBD Delta-8 THC cart, you can avail a variety of different flavors like Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Pineapple Express, strawberry lemonade, Blue Dream, Mango Kush, and many more.

This gives your taste buds a burst of different sweet flavors as you enjoy a high that relieves you of your stresses.

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3Chi – Full Broad Spectrum 

3Chi has been around as a popular Delta 8 THC vape cart brand that utilizes only broad-spectrum ingredients to make its carts. All the products come with an earthy flavor, similar to the hemp plant which makes the experience all the more fulfilling.

3Chi uses third-party laboratories to determine the potency and safety of their Delta 8 cart products. All of them can be utilized daily and are available in concentrated amounts for different types of users.

The brand has worked hard to eliminate the stereotype lingering across CBD and CBG products. The hemp harvested by the brand is pure and organic, with psychoactive effects that do not harm the body.

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3Chi: Brand Overview

Did you know that a biochemist founded 3Chi as a brand? Up until late 2019, the brand managed to find a way to extract a purer form of Delta 8 cart which is now available on the website.

3Chi uses only the latest technology to derive its range of products.

Ideally, 3Chi also offers different levels of potency for different users. You have the option to choose as low as 300gm and go as high as 1200gm Delta 8 in your cartridge.


  • It constitutes a blend of Delta 8 and CBD Oil
  • The carts constitute cannabinoids that might contribute to health benefits in the long run
  • This brand was the first legal manufacturer of Delta 8 cart post-prohibition
  • It does not contain any GMO, preservatives, or additives of any form
  • Made of pure hemp oil, 3Chi is organic and might be used regularly in appropriate dosages
  • It comes with a laboratory tested guarantee making it optimum and safe for consumption
  • It is available in varying strength options making it ideal for beginners as well as advanced users
  • It is available at an affordable rate


  • Ideally, the shipping duration might take as long as 5 days depending on the region you stay
  • The euphoric effect might not last as long as expected
  • The carts need to be discarded after the first use
  • In case you are not happy with the cart, you cannot call or email the brand since there is no contact information available

Which 3Chi Variants Are Mostly Available?

Unlike other Delta 8 cart brands, 3Chi has an organic flavor that is more or less similar to the hemp plant. The brand likes to keep it natural to enjoy the taste of growing hemp for maximum euphoria. 

3Chi has 2 different types of vape carts available. The pure Delta-8 cart has 95% of THC oil. It gives a relaxing effect once inhaled.

The other variant also contains CBN, which includes a 1:1 ratio of both CBN and Delta-8 THC. 1 or 2 puffs are good enough to help you relax.

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Boston Hempire – High Life Vape Cartridges

Boston Hempire is a reputed Delta 8 cart brand that sells only the best quality variant of its carts. It has helped bust myths around these carts and highlights their beautiful properties with its vast range of products.

The brand harvests hemp devoid of pesticides and is laboratory tested before shelling out to the consumers. The Delta 8 cart can be utilized daily in standard amounts and can help relieve minor stressors.

Boston Hempire has different forms of CBD and CBG products, in addition to Delta 8 cart.

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Boston Hempire: Brand Overview

In order to provide consumers industry-owned hemp, 4 men from America established Boston Hempire. Kevin Coyle, John Lamps, Brandon Gables, and Greg Stearns were the brains behind deriving this euphoric substance.

Only premium quality Delta-8 from organic hemp is utilized to create the products of this brand. You might never see any compromise with the quality while ordering Delta 8 vape carts from their official website.

In addition to getting your order, the brand also cares for you by giving you a thorough analysis report of the ingredients used with their concentrations.

You can avail of a pack of 2 vape carts of Boston Hempire, with a mild dosage of 1.5mg each.


  • It is 100% organic and made of pure hemp extract
  • The brand remains transparent about its variants and concentration making it ideal for beginners as well as advanced users
  • Boston Hempire is available in a number of delicious flavors
  • The brand utilizes third-party laboratory testing to provide an optimum and safe cart for consumption
  • The delivery duration is quick and smooth


  • There is not much info about the brand in terms of its manufacturing unit and management policies
  • It might be a little too much for beginners as well
  • Boston Hempire is slightly pricier than other Delta 8 THC cart variants

Which Boston Hempire Variants Are Mostly Available?

Boston Hempire has distinctive Delta 8 vape cart variants that include a gelato aroma. Some of their popular variants include Blue Dream, Mango, Blue Ice, AK therapy,  Jack Herer, and many more!

There is something for all kinds of users from Boston Hempire!

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ATLRx – Smoothest Delta 8 Vape Carts 

You might not find a Delta 8 THC cart easily, but ATLRx takes care of your needs by developing various carts for daily use.

The brand has a host of Delta 8 products using only the highest quality hemp. Moreover, every product is tested by third-party laboratories for safety.

Their most popular variety is the Delta-8 vape cart that quickly pulls in the strain giving you instant relief.

ATLRx does not use even a little bit of Delta 9 THC in their carts. There are also no additives or preservatives in the vape cartridges.

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ATLRx: Brand Overview

ATLRx is manufactured in Atlanta, Georgia. The brand is recognized globally for manufacturing various Delta 8 products and carts.

The brand is also known to educate its consumers about the benefits of using Delta 8 over Delta 9 and busting myths around CBD and CBG consumption.

The potency for Delta 8 THC ATLRx carts range from 0.5 to 1 ml, owing to its high intensity.


  • Made from high-quality organic hemp
  • It is smooth in taste and gives you a satisfying high
  • The products made by ATLRx are verified from third-party laboratories making them safe for consumption
  • The delivery process is quite smooth
  • The brand offers Delta 8 carts at an affordable price. You can also check the official website for discount offers from time to time


  • You might need to utilize a 510 threaded battery to use this cart

Which ATLRx Variants Are Mostly Available?

This Delta 8 cart brand has an organic flavor that is more resonating to earthy tones of growing hemp. The variants include the Durban Poison and Sour Diesel carts that have the Sativa strain, the White Widow and Gelato Delta-8 carts that consist of the hybrid strain, and the Granddaddy and OG Kush carts containing the Indica strains.

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 CBD Farmhouse – Premium Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC carts should only be bought from brands that are backed by experts and research methodologies. Thankfully, CBD Farmhouse fills the gap by only providing Delta 8 products that are formulated for optimum quality and usage.

The brand also cultivates organic hemp and retains the terpenes and cannabinoids for the best flavor. The psychoactive effects are subtle, helping the body relax with every consumption.

CBD Farmhouse is a haven for Delta-8 carts and other CBD products devoid of adulterants. The official website has a number of carts and similar products available to suit your liking.

⇒ Visit the Official Website CBD Farmhouse

CBD Farmhouse: Brand Overview

CBD Farmhouse is a Texas-based manufacturer of Delta 8 THC. The company is devoid of any Delta 9 and promotes only organic hemp through its products.

All products are laboratory tested making them superior for usage. Affordable and sizable packs are provided by the brand to help you try out its Delta 8 carts.

CBD Farmhouse constitutes only Delta 8 with a concentration of 89.99%.


  • CBD Farmhouse is an organic brand made of hemp oil and Delta 8 cart
  • All products are tested by third-party laboratories for optimum usage and safety
  • It does not contain any strains of Delta 9 THC
  • It is made of original terpenes giving it the euphoric after effect
  • Only pure distillates are used to make CBD Farmhouse carts
  • It does not contain any GMO, additives, or preservatives
  • It contains ceramic coils to ensure smooth delivery


  • It is a bit costlier than most other Delta 8 carts
  • It is recommended not to use heavy equipment during or after consuming CBD Farmhouse

Which CBD Farmhouse Variants Are Mostly Available?

CBD Farmhouse has 5 different types of flavors for its carts. These include Berry Gelato, Pineapple Express, Caribbean Dream, Blue Dream, and SkyWalker.

All these flavors are exotic for the ones who love to try something different each time they try the Delta-8 carts!

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What Is Delta- 8?

Delta 8 is derived from hemp, and most popular and genuine companies grow organic hemp to avoid the usage of adulterants to provide the purest Delta 8 cart. These might also come with a few health benefits.

This compound has a composed molecular structure which might make it beneficial for most users above 21 years of age. It differs from Delta 9 and is far better for regular use.

Properties of Delta 8 cart that makes it appealing to many users worldwide – 

  • Milder high than other Delta strains
  • Provides a subtle taste in the mouth making it ideal for regular consumption
  • Might help manage your appetite to a great extent
  • Some brands provide Delta 8 in exquisite flavors that make the experience fruitful
  • Can help relax your body easing mild pain and stress
  • Might be known to prevent cancer cells from spreading further

How To Choose Delta-8 Cart Brand for Yourself?

So many options to choose from but don’t know which brand is the best? Delta 8 carts are available from various brands today, owing to their popularity. The right way to choose the best Delta 8 cart brand is as follows,

  • Source of Hemp: Always choose a brand that grows hemp organically. Some companies might mix fungicides and pesticides with hemp that can be quite harmful to the body upon consumption. Moreover, the extract of hemp needs to be natural, without any GMO, preservatives, or additives.
  • Strength of Cart: Most Delta 8 brands have different strengths of carts available. Go for a concentrated amount that is neither too little nor too much for you. Beginners should always opt for a minimal amount.
  • Are the Ingredients Organic?: If your Delta 8 cart has organic ingredients, it automatically becomes safer to utilize daily. Adulterants or artificial ingredients can cause more harm than good in the longer run.
  • Does the Brand Have Proper Shipping/Return Policies?: To understand the genuineness of a brand, check out its shipping and return policies. It is okay for a brand to take time to ship the Delta 8 carts. However, if there is no way to communicate with their support time in case you do not like the product, it can be a generous waste of money.

Why Should You Use Delta 8 Carts? 

Through carts, you can consume up to 1 mg of Delta 8 cart and the effects can be seen instantly as it flows from your mouth to your lungs. It also lasts for a short duration, making it a temporary relief. The Delta 8 carts are easily disposable and might not cause side effects to the body.

Wondering where you can get a good quality Delta 8 cart for yourself? In this guide, we will discuss 5 popular Delta 8 carts by reputed brands that are making this substance organically and legally available. So read further to know all about them.

FAQs on Delta 8 THC:

Q. Is Delta 9 Better than Delta 8?

Delta 9 carts are stronger and have more psychoactive effects than Delta 8 carts. Ideally, a medical professional would recommend consuming Delta 8 daily due to its subtle effects that do not lead the body to an overdrive. Most carts made by reputed and genuine brands have no strains of Delta 9.

Q. How Long Does a Delta 8 Cart Last?

Delta 8 carts certainly have psychoactive effects, however, they are subtle and comparatively lesser than a Delta 9 cart. The latter is stronger and can also confuse or depress a person. If Delta 8 carts are consumed at high dosages, they can create immunity against them that can make the high quite subtle, without affecting the person. No matter which dosage you take, it is safe to take your doctor’s consultation to understand what amount will suit your body.

Q. What’s the Best Way to Consume Delta 8?

Delta 8 cart does not cause any side effects to the body if brought from a genuine brand. All the above-listed brands are verified and provide carts with these carts at concentrated amounts. Unlike the Delta 9 carts, this cart is not too strong. You can safely consume it to feel a happy high that will relieve your stress and take your pain away for a temporary duration. The absorption rate is Highest when vaped and lowest when ingested.

Q. How Does Delta 8 THC Feel like?

You might fail your drug test after consuming Delta 8 since it contains cannabinoids and will come up during the test. It is not possible to hide it. When consumed, Delta 8 breaks down into metabolites, and drug tests are administered in a way to detect traces of these no matter which drug you consume. This will also come up even if you take a small amount of any brand of Delta 8. It is recommended to not consume it for at least 72 hours before your drug test.

In Conclusion: Is Delta 8 Carts Safe?

Delta 8 Carts usually have a subtle effect and take a good amount of time before showing a prominent impact on your body. You might want to take it gradually if you are a beginner and slowly increase the dosage to make your body immune to the psychoactive effects caused by these carts.

The variety of flavors makes Delta 8 a preferred option above all other variants of carts. It is suitable for leisure, or pain removal from any part of the body.

Therefore, It’s suggested to buy Delta 8 THC Products from the top brands such as Diamond CBD, 3Chi, Boston Hempire, ALTRx, and CBD Farmhouse.

Moreover, its legality makes it safe for daily consumption. You can try these Organic Delta 8 carts yourself to understand how well they can suit your body.