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Pros and Cons of Workout Supplements you need to know right now

If you walk into a store fully intent on buying fitness supplements, you will see that there are many kinds and brands, and there are even some for different stages of workout like pre-workout, intra-workout, post-workout, etc. If you want to try out workout supplements, you might wonder which brand you should take. 

However, if you’re planning to try out workout supplements head-on, you should not worry about which brand to take but instead learn the pros and cons of workout supplements and see if they can truly help you make your workout routine more efficient. But first, let’s dive into what a workout supplement is.

What is a workout or fitness supplement?

Going by the definition of the word “supplement,” which means adding on or enhancing something, fitness or workout supplements are the things you can consume to add more efficiency to your training. They can help you increase muscle size, make you more active, enhance your workout, etc. But what are they made of exactly? Each brand has its own set of ingredients that they say can further enhance your workout routine.

These ingredients are the products of countless research and study about the human body and how they can help us make the most out of our workout routines. However, some ingredients in them might not be all that good for your body. Don’t just pick one randomly and start taking them. Before picking something up, you should research the brand first and see their ingredients list. 

Also, find their website and see if you can find testimonials that talk about their product. Remember, there is so much to learn about workout supplements, and you should research your chosen brand before taking them in. Also, mind you, they are legal products and should be taken at your own risk. That said, here are your pros and cons about workout supplements.


Less Soreness

Soreness is inevitable in exercise; everybody knows that you are breaking down your body during a workout because, after all, you are breaking down your body. Muscle soreness is usually present 24-48 hours after the workout, and when it happens, it will be some of the worst few hours of your life. 

That said, do you know the amount of muscle soreness that can be altered to make it more bearable? Most workout supplements have Glutamine, which relieves muscle soreness. This substance helps greatly in recovery after an intense workout and is recommended to be taken in before going to sleep.

More Reps

One of the main substances found in red meat is creatine, and it’s found in many workout supplements too. Also, they have their own brands of supplements and it’s hard to find the best creatine for your workout because of the sheer number of brands. The main reason why people are huge fans of creatine is that it helps them have more reps. 

The creatine-phosphagen is the first system the body will use for energy before it uses the other energy systems in your body. In your workout, the energy you will use in your first reps is creatine, and it can help you gain some more reps at the end of your routine.

Motivation and Energy Boost

Let’s admit it; going to the gym and keeping yourself motivated are hard things to do. Sometimes even, motivation is nowhere to be found. If you want to keep yourself motivated and hyped up, workout supplements can help you with that. One of the main ingredients of workout supplements is caffeine. 

It keeps you more awake and active, making you feel less tired while going to the gym. Not only that, but there are also other stimulants that workout supplements have, depending on the brand.


Hard on Your Kidneys and Liver

Since workout supplements are full of chemicals and other substances, they will make your kidneys and liver work harder. Of course, this is usually not a bad thing, but it might cause some problems when done regularly. Take a look at creatine, for example. This is the first substance the body uses in the first reps, and after that, it breaks down to creatinine and is excreted by the body through urine, which makes the kidneys work harder than usual.

They Contain Synthetic Chemicals

Workout supplements have different chemicals and, and while all of them are not harmful, they can cause you problems in large doses. That said, try to only have one dosage of workout supplements per day to keep you from having any health problems down the road. Also, drink a lot of water alongside workout supplements not just to keep yourself hydrated but to make it easier for your kidneys to get rid of these chemicals.


Although workout supplements help you greatly in keeping your body more tones and your workouts more effective, they should only be consumed in small doses. Remember that they are supplements, which means they are only supposed to be add-ons to your workout routine, not an integral part of it. Also, picking the right brand for you is essential, so pick your brand more carefully.

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