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Features which increase your houses’ value

Are you trying to sell your house but not managing to get offers for the price you have decided on selling it for? Have you thought about changing up a few things in your house in order to sell it for a greater price?

If you are planning on selling your house, or if you are looking to increase the value of your house for a potential sale in the future, there are so many things that you can do in order to sell your house for the best possible price.

These days, trends change so quickly, and with the introduction of new technology and the effort for the world to move forward and be much more energy conscious, houses seem to be falling out of style particularly quickly. Top 10 is the best in the area when it comes to knowing what renovations to make, especially in places like Australia, as well as advice on what features to add and what to avoid, through their recommendations of top real estate agents. Here are a few features your house should have, or that you can change, in order to increase its value.


Some people might think that the house is the most important part, and while this is true, the garden is a large part of what buyers look for in a house, and having an attractive, well-manicured garden can drastically increase the selling prices of your house.

Not only will having a well looked after, and neat garden bring in a bigger potential for a larger selling point, additional features added to the garden will increase this price even more. Having a pool is seen as a luxury and is something that a lot of people look for when choosing to live in a particularly hot area, this is one of the most expensive features you can add to a garden. Other features include, an automated watering system to keep the garden regularly watered without much effort, well looked after plants and shrubs, and a social area where people can gather outside for meals or just relaxing.

Additional bathrooms

In most older houses you will find that they tend to only have one bathroom in a house with multiple bedrooms. These days’ people prefer to have more bathrooms, or even en suite bathrooms attached to bedrooms to allow for more privacy.

By adding more bathrooms to your house, or even adding bathrooms on to bedrooms making them en suite, and giving them a sense of luxury, you can increase the value of your house by a major amount. When renovating bathrooms you should also consider adding showers or replacing bath tubs with showers as they are more modern and efficient.

Cosmetic improvements

Changing the appearance of your old house to match a newer more modern look can make the world of difference when it comes to upping the price of your house when putting it on the market. Starting off with more social areas such as the kitchen and the living spaces. Adding new a fresh new look by changing out kitchen cupboards, swapping out handles to make more modern, and adding new kings to cupboards and doors

Other cosmetic improvement you can make are giving the while house and all the rooms a fresh coat of a neutral coloured paint in order to make it more desirable and look newer. Lastly, you can replace and windows that are looking a bit worse for wear, with newer ones that add to the new style of your house.

Efficiency and technology

These days, technology is everything. This means it is important to incorporate it into your house in order to maximise your possibility to sell it for a larger price. Replace Older light bulb with newer technology LED light bulb that are more energy efficient, choose appliances that are listed as energy conserving products in order to make the house more appealing, and have well done insulation for the colder months.

Other features that could be added are things containing smart technology, like devices that can be controlled by a smart phone. Examples of these can be thermostats, fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and even security camera. We live in an age of new technology where everything can be done from a cell phone, so by adding aspects of your house to be controlled by you smart phone you immediately increase the value of your house dramatically.

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