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Jackpocket lottery app doesn’t require social security number to be inputed

State officials want you to know if using the new Jackpocket app, which allows users to buy lottery tickets from any location – your social security number isn’t necessary.

News10NBC recently featured a Good Question from their daily segment, in which a person posed that very question: If you sign up to use the app, do you need to provide a social security number?

The short answer is ‘no’.

“Our New York customers never have the option of inputting their social security number with Jackpocket for any reason. The only time a customer may be required to input a social security number is if, in certain states (not New York), they choose to fund their account by opening up a separate third-party bank account (called a Play+ account), where they agree to that third-party’s privacy policy and terms,” a state rep told News10NBC. “However, the vast majority of our customers (and all New Yorkers) fund their account through ACH (from their existing bank account), Paypal, Apple Pay, and debit and credit cards, none of which require the customer to input their social security number.”

They noted that if a person hits it big and wins a large amount – they might have to provide a social security number, but it’s not part of the entry process to use the app.

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