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No residency requirement on COVID-19 vaccines in Finger Lakes, or New York

If you’re considering getting a COVID-19 vaccine, or simply watching coverage of vaccine sign-ups – you might be asking yourself a fundamental question:

Is there a residency requirement for the COVID-19 vaccine? Meaning, if you want a vaccine appointment in Wayne County, or Ontario County, do you need to be a resident of that location to get it?

The short answer is ‘no’.

A combination of factors are at play. News10NBC posed this question to state Department of Health officials, who offered the following last week:

“We allocate doses based on regional population, and our state-run mass vaccination sites are spread across the state to ensure everyone has access to them. These sites’ goal is to vaccinate the region they are in, and of the more than 1 million appointments that have been made at state-run sites, roughly 75% are for New Yorkers from the site’s region. At the end of the day, however, our goal is to get shots in arms as quickly and efficiently as possible – if New Yorkers in one area are not booking all available appointments, and someone is willing to travel to get a shot, that only reflects the woefully inadequate supply of vaccines we received from the Trump Administration. Thankfully, we have already begun to see some progress under the biden administration – less than a month after he was sworn in as president.”

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