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MDC Canada Review – Canadian immigration consultants

This year presents an opportunity to immigrate to Canada like never before. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced that they plan to welcome 401,000 immigrants in 2021 alone. Next year, 2022, they are looking at 411,000 and then 421,000 in 2023.

Certified Canadian immigration consultants can be extremely helpful in expediting the process for people who are either too busy or simply find it all a bit overwhelming and too complex. This MDC Canada review will aim to give you a little background on what the immigration landscape looks like for 2021, and whether it warrants consideration to seek the help of the Canadian visa experts at MDC.

Why Choose Canada and Why Use a Consultant

Canada is one of the most popular choices in the world for immigrants of all ages, skilled and semi-skilled. The reasons for this are many, from the progressive government, free education, and healthcare, to the immense opportunity in the job market and the excellent quality of life. There is, however, a lot of competition for permanent residency in Canada. This, coupled with a very complex immigration system, made up of over 100 visa and immigration programs, is exactly why professional Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) exist – to simplify the process.

About MDC Canada

Multi-Dimension Consulting, or MDC for short (available at, is an established visa & immigration services company operating out of Vancouver in British Columbia. Their team is headed up by four RCICs registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (IRCC), who have over 20 years of experience in the field. Further, three of their consultants are immigrants themselves. Mr. David AllonMs. Ying Liu, and Mr. Jaehyun Park have undergone the immigration process themselves and understand the emotional and mental challenges of starting a life in a new country.

The company has also recently undergone a serious overhaul, restructuring its processes, methods and relaunching its website with a new user-friendly design and experience, all in service of ensuring their clients are kept up-to-date with the process of their visa applications, and giving their applicants the best chance of success.

What Will MDC Do for You?

What separates those who make it to Canada from those who don’t is simply the ability to follow the IRCC’s processes and protocol to the tee. With the number of forms and information required to complete these applications, as well as the confusion around which supporting documents are acceptable or not, it’s no easy task. The team behind MDC Canada’s consulting agency has therefore created a user dashboard that breaks the entire process into easy-to-digest steps. Your RCIC will guide you through the steps, such as uploading the documents they require for your application when needed, for example. This takes all the confusion and doubts out of the application process.

For example, the Express Entry System, which is Canada’s most popular immigration pathway, uses a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to select applicants with the highest scores for permanent residency in Canada. With the help of MDC’s new user dashboard, your RCIC can ensure that they have everything they need to maximize your CRS score and give you the best possible chance of being selected.

You will also be able to track your application status in real-time, check in with your RCIC regularly, and should you have any questions, agents are available 24/5 to answer them. You won’t need to worry about a single over-the-top confusing government form.

One of the first services MDC will provide you is by far the most important. Your personal and family eligibility evaluation will give you and the RCIC’s a roadmap of how you will get to Canada as smoothly as possible. Your eligibility for Canadian immigration, knowing which immigration programs you are best suited for, as well as which of those programs will give you the best chance of success in your immigration journey, is the foundation of the whole process.

These are just some of the services offered by MDC Canada. There are also additional aides, such as the language course preparation tool, which prepares you for one of the most important elements of any immigration program application – your Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) test. The agency also assists in obtaining Canadian work permits, study permits, working holiday visas, and even tourist visas.

Is MDC Worth It?

Never underestimate the value of knowledge. An experienced regulated Canadian immigration consultant, such as the ones mentioned in this MDC Canada review, can take what could be a potentially long and exhausting process and ensure you enjoy a seamless immigration experience. By choosing MDC, you are choosing to go with an established, results-driven company with years of experience in the industry.

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