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Administrators say they will need funding if school year is going to be extended into summer

Could the school year be extended into summer in order to make up for lost time during the pandemic? What would happen in future years if the state went that route?

While President Joe Biden sees it as an idea, some local school districts aren’t sold.

Greece Superintendent Sean McCabe was blunt about how he felt. “I think that’s a glorious waste of time. I really do. I get the president talked about it, but logistically it is so far outside the realm of possibility,” McCabe told 13WHAM-TV. “There’s no financing there to come out and to pay teachers, support staff, bus drivers and everyone else an additional four weeks of pay. There’s no way to do it.”

Canandaigua Superintendent Jamie Farr says a safer, easier, cost-saving approach would be to loosen the six-foot distance restrictions.

The federal government says it’s focused on getting students back in the classroom by spring.