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Bills WR Stefon Diggs takes a shot at J.J. Watt’s recruitment

J.J. Watt’s time with the Houston Texans has come to an end.

The All-Pro defensive end said he asked the McNair family for his release and that he and the team have parted ways.

But Watt’s time in the NFL is far from over.

It didn’t take long for NFL players to start recruiting the 31-year-old defensive end. Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs, who is just among one of those guys, tweeted to Watt, “just hear me out real quick big fella.”

The Bills are one of a few possible landing spots for Watt, along Steelers, the Cowboys, and the Packers, that have been named.

Adding Watt could push Buffalo forward. The Bills were just a game removed from Super Bowl 55.

Also, Bills Mafia is attempting to bribe Watt to come to Buffalo as well.

There’s already a Twitter page asking fans to donate to his foundation.

The 31-year-old woke up Saturday morning not mad about it at all. He tweeted:

“Waking up this morning to a flood of $99 donations to the Watt Foundation from Houston and cities all over the country (presumably attempts at bribes, judging by the messages attached with some). Kids all over the country will benefit from your generosity. I’m truly thankful.”