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Visitation resumes at Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua

There’s good news on hospital visitation at a local hospital.

Following a decline in the local positivity rate for COVID-19 F.F. Thompson Hospital says it is allowing visitors – on a limited basis – effective Friday.

Guidelines at the UR Medicine affiliate in Canandaigua will be as follows, until further notice:

  • With inpatient visiting hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., each inpatient may designate two visitors (ages 18 on up). One of these two people can visit each day, for a visit lasting no more than four hours. Inpatients for whom end of life is deemed imminent may have two visitors at a time, or as permitted by nursing.
  • No visitors are permitted in the Emergency Department (ED) waiting room. If the patient answers “no” to all COVID screening questions and does not have a fever, one visitor may join after the patient is assigned an ED bed. If the patient is subsequently admitted to the hospital, no visitors are allowed until there is a negative COVID test result.

  • Women giving birth can have one support person present during labor. An additional designated visitor is allowed but cannot be present at the same time as the support person and may not visit for more than four hours per day.
  • No visitors are allowed for outpatient procedures, with the following exceptions:
    • Women receiving obstetric ultrasound procedures may be joined by one support person.
    • One visitor is permitted with a patient who has just undergone surgery, but only during a review of post-surgical discharge instructions.
    • Patients who require an advocate – including pediatric patients and patients with cognitive issues – may be accompanied by their advocate for outpatient visits including but not limited to primary care visits, Diagnostic Imaging exams, and visits to a Thompson lab draw station.

No one may visit the hospital or its off-site locations if they are experiencing symptoms of illness or if they have possibly been exposed to COVID.

Visitors must wear a properly-fitted mask and enter through the main lobby to be screened upon arrival. After presenting a photo ID, they will receive a visitor badge and instructions, reporting directly to the nurses’ station before entering the patient’s room and then remain in the patient’s room only, checking out at the Information Desk upon departure. During their visit, they are expected to wear their mask at all times, social distance and maintain good hand hygiene.