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Counties throughout region handling comorbidity tracking differently in vaccine rollout

We’re starting to see how different counties in the Finger Lakes and Central New York will be approaching the comorbidity clause in the COVID-19 vaccine expansion set to take place this weekend.

Beginning Sunday, those with comorbidities will be able to sign-up for a vaccine appointment.

Tompkins County published a form on its public health website for residents with comorbidities to fill out. Meanwhile, leaders from the Finger Lakes region, which includes Monroe, Ontario, Seneca, Wayne, and Yates counties said they would simply have those getting an appointment to ‘attest’ to their comorbidity.

Concerns have been raised over the last several days about access issues related to vaccination. Like the process for signing up, as well as the potential ‘hoops’ residents may have to jump through to prove that they have comorbidities or qualify.

“There’s no question that our region could deliver many, many, many more vaccines every single day, if only we had the supply,” Dr. Nancy Bennett of the Finger Lakes Vaccine Hub said. “So, stay tuned. We hope the supply will increase, and we are really, really hopeful that we can use our enormous capacity to vaccinate more of our citizens.”

At this point, supply of vaccine is an even larger access issue than the technical challenges some have encountered to date.

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