How to sell on Instagram (Instagram marketing tips that work)

If one thing is true about social media, it allows for businesses across all sorts of fields to have the ability to help sell a product or service they offer. Considering any endeavor that grants a company the opportunity to have more customers is a bonus; this is an excellent social media aspect.

Of the various social media platforms businesses can be a part of, Instagram is arguably the most essential of the bunch. After all, Instagram is easy to use, it’s popular, and has the tools necessary for businesses to market themselves in a plethora of ways.

Many businesses wonder more about Instagram followers than anything else, as followers on a business page are customers and fans of that company. Some businesses even look to social media marketing shops to purchase real followers that are calculated to show interest in the industry.

Besides social media marketing, there are many ways for businesses to sell and grow on Instagram. That’s part of the reason why Instagram has such a large business base, as it’s a platform that allows a wide range of marketing abilities that most other social media sites don’t have.

Nevertheless, down below will take a look at how to sell on Instagram by discussing marketing tips that actually work. If you’re interested in learning more about selling on Instagram and marketing, look no further. Below will go everything you’ll need to know about the process of marketing and selling on Instagram the right way.

Post Consistently

Believe it or not, the number one way for any business to grow a following on Instagram is by being consistent with their posts. After all, content is what drives followers on an Instagram page, and if a business lacks in what they’re posting, it’s not going to grow properly.

The best way to sell more on Instagram is not only to have all of the needed tools for sales but to have a broader base to sell to. This doesn’t necessarily mean a page needs to expand its audience; all it means is to understand the importance of consistency for building their base.

Use High-Quality Content

Right with the notion of posting consistently is the same approach of high-quality content. As great as it is to stick with a schedule and continually upload posts that’ll do well traffic-wise, none of the matters if the post itself isn’t right. Thus, businesses should know the difference between high-quality and low-quality content.

Although some might argue that every business needs a graphic designer and photography, this isn’t always the case. If you’re a creative individual yourself who can find a way to promote your brand in a way that looks good and is consistent with your brand, you don’t have to worry about all that extra stuff.

Utilize Instagram Stories

Instagram’s best feature is arguably its stories and their functionality. After all, Twitter and Facebook jumped on board with the story train to introduce fleets and Facebook stories, respectively. So, what’s the deal with Instagram Stories, and why are they so important?

For starters, Instagram Stories allows businesses and users to speak directly with their audience. A follower is much more likely to see a story from someone than an actual post. Thus, Instagram Stories are great for making announcements, sharing posts, speaking directly with an audience, and much more.

Tastefully Use Hashtags

Although Instagram isn’t as popular as Twitter with hashtags, there is still proper use for hashtags on the site. After all, they’re there for a reason, so you might as well use them. However, it’s vital to know the difference between tastefully using them and overdoing it.

Having a post filled with hashtags can turn people off, and is never a good idea to utilize too many hashtags. If you can manage to tastefully use one to four hashtags that apply to your post, it may help you build up a following. Be mindful of which hashtags work and don’t work.

Come Up With a Brand Hashtag

Outside utilizing hashtags with a post, there’s another school of that with hashtags that has to do with a brand hashtag. A brand hashtag usually refers to a company’s slogan that they hope will trend due to other people using it. Think of it like Nike’s #JustDoIt.

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

Try to be creative with it and think about whether your business can have a brand hashtag that other people will be willing to join in on. It can seem confusing about where you should begin to find a good brand hashtag, but it’s a lot easier than most realize. It could even be about a product giveaway, it doesn’t have to be anything crazy.

Consider Sponsoring Your Posts

Similar to the idea of going to a social media market website, there’s the other promotional route that involves Instagram directly. Sponsored posts are great ways to pick a target audience and have more people see your post and business page directly. Keep in mind, the sponsored post needs to be something interesting to get people to click on your page.

The sponsored post itself can be linked to your website, profile, or just on the post itself. All of them benefit one another, but linking to your profile tends to work best. After all, you want to increase your follower count, so your consumer base ends up increasing.

Do Collaborations with Others

If you’ve been on Instagram for several years, you have more than likely experienced the notion of collaborations. For those unaware, a collaboration usually involves an influencer, brand, or another company teaming up to collaborate on a specific project.

For starters, that team-up can solely be based on sponsorship, meaning you pay an influencer to talk about your company. It can also be a mutual agreement where the two of you will promote one another to create a product or service together. It could be a cross-team of merch or a food package from two restaurants. The possibilities are endless.

Do A Giveaway

Giveaways are immensely on Instagram as it’s a way for a company or brand to garnish a large following by giving something away. Usually, the price has to be reasonably decent to interest someone, but it tends to work out reasonably well. In return, you gain a larger audience, and some people win a prize.

Usually, giveaways involve the idea of following and share the giveaway post for a chance to win. As a result of exponential growth, your page will begin to see more numbers, causing you to have more followers. Try to think of a great giveaway that applies to your business.

Be Careful of Posting Too Much

Although earlier mentioned the importance of consistent content, the same rules apply to posting too much. After all, if you make a new post every hour, you more than likely will annoy your followers. You need to be careful with finding a nice balance between staying relevant and having angry followers.

Most experts vary discussion-wise about what the perfect posting number is. Some argue that no one should post more than once when some say twice a day is the magic number. Others say no one should post more than once every few days. In reality, use that rough reference to see what works best for your business.

Pay Attention to Analytics

The phrase analytic can mean a lot of things when it comes to Instagram. Still, it tends to represent the overall metrics of a page and post. Utilize analytics to help you understand if you’re growing the right way or if you need to make adjustments. Sometimes it’s ideal to pay attention to analytics before anything else.

For example, if you do one giveaway that gets way more numbers than another post, you can use the analytics to help you understand why. Maybe you posted at the wrong time, had an inappropriate phrase, or didn’t have a good enough giveaway. All of it useful, so make a note of it all.

Know Your Target Audience

Similar to broad-spectrum analytics comes to the idea of a target audience. Every brand or business has a target audience. No matter how broad you might think your business is, there’s a target audience for everything. Every human has different interests, and that needs to be noted.

Obviously, some businesses are broader than others. If you sell cars, you obviously have a wider audience than someone who sells Anime earrings. Even then, there is still a target audience for a car salesperson as it’s people with a license who fit in a certain income bracket for a used car.

Photo by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

Make a Business Profile

Another massive advantage of Instagram and its use as a place to help sell products or services is offering business profiles. There are a few differences between a business profile and a standard one, with the primary difference involving the number of ads a business profile can run.

A business profile also allows users to promote a post directly rather than the account as a whole. Having more ways to promote your business is a huge advantage, and that’s part of the reason why a business profile is so useful. Plus, it’s free to do, so why wouldn’t you?

Use Product Teasers

People love being teased and waiting for a specific product to come out. Even if your business is small and has a very niche product group, definitely tease it still. For example, you could show-off your process for making the new product without fully showing it off.

That way, when the product is finally revealed in a post, a ton of people will be excited to see the finale. That’s mainly why so many people tune into a season finale for a show than any part of a season. People want to see how it ends more than anything else outside of the intro episode.

Know When to Post

Many people make the error of not knowing when to post. Data changes all the time with when to post, as a lot of it has to do with your specific niche. For example, if you have a target audience of an older man, you should obviously post early in the day.

In contrast, if you have a prominently younger following, it might be best to post later at night. All of it can vary, so do what you can to look at analytics and how you can help your business grow. There’s a lot to make a note of with this kind of thing, so do what you can to study when you should post.

Have a Great Profile Photo

The visual representation of an Instagram page is immensely important, as the profile photo is what people will see before else. After all, the profile photo is what people will click on when they see a story from you, and it’s what is the central theme of an Instagram page.

Although the content is critical for visual representation, no one can argue against the necessity of having a great profile photo. Either way, be mindful of how your page is looking and what you can do to keep it looking its best. Definitely seek out a graphic designer for a high-level profile photo if you need to.

Have a Great Bio

Similar to having a great profile photo, the same rules apply to having a great bio. Bios are what people will read to see what your page is about. Obviously, some pages vary in their seriousness with the bio. Still, all of it is relevant to what your business is and what you offer.

For example, if your comic shop, your bio shouldn’t only say Go Yankees. Regardless if you’re a baseball fan, people might be confused about what you offer as a business. Thus, you might lose out on some sales as a result. Definitely take the time to have a good bio for your page.