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Best tips for football betting rookies

Loving football and betting on football are two different things. You can be the most prominent football connoisseur, but not even the best subject knowledge can win you money if you place the wrong wager. If you want to make some money whilst enjoying your favourite sport, you’d better learn how to bet and this is made a lot easier with the football tips today advising you on the best to place. If you’ve never wagered on anything before, check out these best tips for football betting rookies to get started.

1. Bet with your head, not with your heart

The main mistakes sports betting rookies make – whether it’s football betting or otherwise – is to gamble with their hearts instead of their heads. What this means is that you’re more likely to place a wager on your favourite team, even if that is not the team that has the highest chances of winning. Betting isn’t about supporting your preferred players; it’s about earning a profit from your favourite sport. With this in mind, consider the real chances of a team to win and place your bet accordingly.

2. Only bet what you can afford to lose

We all bet to win, but most of us also lose quite frequently, especially in the early days when you’re not yet accustomed to betting. If you don’t want to turn betting into a frustrating experience, set aside a betting budget and stick to it. As a rule of thumb, you should always bet only what you can afford to lose, or you might find yourself in trouble with your other monthly expenses.

3. Approach betting with an open mind

Betting can be overwhelming at first, and seeing the first losses could discourage you. However, sports betting can also be fun once you get the grip of it. If you want to find out what the fun is about, you should approach betting with an open mind. Be prepared to lose some money at first, and be ready to spend a lot of time learning. Once you’ve got past this stage, however, you can have loads of fun betting on your favourite sport and winning some cash whilst you’re enjoying the game.

4. Don’t get too greedy

Another frequent mistake rookies make is to get greedy once they’ve scored the first win. This is a dangerous path that can lead you to betting – and potentially losing – much more than you can afford. The simplest solution is to always stick to your established budget.

For instance, if you’ve set aside £10 for betting on a given day, only bet that amount. Even if you win, avoid placing another bet that day. If you want to reinvest your profit, up the budget for your next betting day, but sticking to the rule of not exceeding it when you’re placing wagers.

5. Start with simple betting and work your way up to more complex strategies

Complex betting strategies always bring more profits than simple ones, but you may not be so fortunate to figure them out entirely as a rookie. The more complex your strategy is, the higher the chances to actually lose. That’s why you should always start with simple win, lose, and draw bets and work your way to more complex strategies as you learn more about the football betting world.

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