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Snowmobiler accused of leaving scene of Williamson accident after hitting, killing dog

A Williamson family is calling for justice after their family dog was killed by a snowmobiler.

A golden retriever named Duke was killed in his own yard on Thursday, as someone ran across it – bypassing the ‘No Trespassing’ signs.

Jim and Barbara DuBois say Duke tried to get make it home, but died nearby.

“He hit him,” Barbara DuBois told News10NBC. “He kept going. I heard the snowmobile go even faster. We heard it. And went running looking for him. He left the dog there to die. He just left. He never came back. Nothing.”

The family has launched a social media campaign and petition to get the snowmobiling community to identify who hit Duke.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has assisted the family, noting that the driver could be charged with leaving the scene of an accident, trespassing, and abandoning a hurt pet in an accident.

Click here to read the petition or sign it.