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Boy Scouts of America announce promotion of Frank Capozzi Jr. to chief operating officer

Leadership for the Boy Scouts of America, Seneca Waterways Council announced the  promotion of Frank A. Capozzi, Jr. from Field Director to Chief Operating Officer. In his new position, which became effective February 1, he will oversee all council operations and program development to engage more youth in the Scouting program. Capozzi was selected to fill the position most recently held by Marcus Ragland who took a position as Scout Executive/Chief Executive Officer with Westmoreland 

Fayette Boy Scout Council in Greensburg, PA.  

Capozzi is one of the longest tenured members of the council’s professional staff.  His career with Boy Scouts of America began in June 2005 as a District Executive  in the Finger Lakes Council. He served as both a District Executive and Senior  District Executive until the merger of Finger Lakes and Otetiana Councils in 2009,  forming the now Seneca Waterways Council. Since the merger, he has served in  the roles of Senior District Executive, Development Director, and Senior  Development Director. In 2016, he become a Field Director and worked to support  all the Council’s traditional districts.  

“Having worked with Frank over the past decade, I’ve witnessed his strong commitment to the development  of today’s youth through Scouting’s character and leadership development programs,” said Stephen Hoitt,  Seneca Waterways Council Scout Executive/CEO. Hoitt added, “His passion and forward-thinking vision  will help bring Scouting to future generations.”  

Capozzi is a member of the Tschipey Achtu Lodge, Order of the Arrow – Scouting’s National Honor  Society; is a James E. West Fellow; and is a recipient of the Bronze Pelican from the Diocese of Rochester  for his commitment to the development of Catholic youth in the BSA program. He also lends his leadership  in a volunteer capacity as a religious education instructor for Our Lady of Peace Parish in Geneva and a  Lion Den Leader for Cub Scout Pack 5 in Geneva.  

Capozzi was born and raised in Seneca Falls, NY, and later attended Finger Lakes Community College  where he earned an Associate Degree in Social Science, and Keuka College where he earned a Bachelor’s  Degree in Political Science and History. He currently resides in Geneva with his wife, Paula, and their three  children Annabel, Alaina, and Grant.

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