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Home » Valentine's Day » Police: Ithaca man charged with felony burglary after string of local break-ins

Police: Ithaca man charged with felony burglary after string of local break-ins

A known burglar from the Ithaca-area faces new charges after a string of burglaries were investigated by the Ithaca Police Department this week.

Kasheen Camel, 43, was charged with second-degree burglary and arraigned in City Court.

Police say they are working through the process of contacting the owners of numerous credit, debit, and gift cards, which were stolen during that recent string of burglaries.

The Ithaca Police Department was conducting a burglary suppression detail during the early-morning hours of January 28th when around 7:30 a.m. investigators observed Camel in the South Titus Neighborhood.

Police said in a release that Camel had recently been released from jail after being charged in connection with a number of burglaries in the city last summer and fall. They did not note whether he was convicted in any of those incidents.

Investigators say they were able to locate Camel several blocks away and could see that he was carrying a number of items. They attempted to engage with him in a conversations, but said he became verbally hostile and took off on foot.

He was eventually taken into custody at a nearby hotel. A number of the items that had allegedly been stolen from local homes was found inside his hotel room after a search warrant was obtained and executed.

Police ask anyone who recently had their credit card or other property stolen in recent incidents to report it, so that it can be returned if located.