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Seneca Falls family remains concerned after trespassing incident

On January 15 a little before 6 p.m. a 20-year-old Gowanda man was taken into custody following a burglary in progress complaint.

Officers from the Seneca Falls Police Department took 20-year-old Joseph Laforme into custody on a second-degree trespassing charge, but the family who experienced the incident remained shook up.

Police said in a press release that Laforme entered the residence in Seneca Falls through an exterior door. That’s when he was confronted by the homeowner, who was armed.

A family member of the homeowners tell that Laforme refused to leave and even took a shower without permission at the residence before police arrived. It was a bizarre set of circumstances, and Laforme is said to have been covered in blood and scratches when he entered the house.

An order of protection was granted on behalf of the homeowners.

“I think it’s pretty important for people to understand what really happened,” the family member added. “Thankfully no one was hurt, and the homeowner had a legally owned firearm. There are a lot of seniors in this community.”

Among the questions that remain for the family: Could it happen again? What prompted it? At this point, they don’t have answers, but are hopeful that nothing like it happens again.

Editor’s Note: Due to the sensitivity of this incident, identifying information of the victims and family members who spoke with is not being published.