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Do blue ticks make a difference on Twitter?

Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, and Christiano Ronaldo.

What does the former president of the United States, a Grammy-winning singer, and the world’s best footballer have in common, other than power, influence, and money?

They have an incredible foundation of real Twitter followers. Their influence over society reaches vast and wide. Whatever they say online would affect the decisions of countless people.

Of course, many people would want to get a slice of this authority. Thus, explains all the fake accounts of powerful people and celebrity accounts that swathe Twitter.

With so many people wanting to be them, how do you know which is the original? Easy, it is the account with the blue tick!

  • What is a blue tick?

A blue tick is something you see next to some Twitter accounts. It tells everyone “Look, this is the real me, everyone else is a fake and you should not follow them.” With a blue tick, the account is validated, and you can rest assured the person behind the screen tweeting, is really who you think they are.

Blue ticks are also a sign of power. A blue tick is not a simple verification per se, but essentially works as a “medal of honor” for the most influential people on the social media platform.

Individuals with a blue tick are all widely recognized as true influencers, gaining much fame and even money from endorsements from various brands.

Thus, with all the great benefits, blue ticks are one of the most sought-after statuses on Twitter.

  • How do you get one?

It used to be really easy before 2018, all you had to do was just tell them “Hey, it is me!” and they would slap a blue tick badge on you, calling it done. Now, it is a lot harder. You have to jump through a few verification hoops such as providing personal information, evidence of government identification, a couple of selfies, and a bunch of other things.

This was done by Twitter to weed out the bots and make it harder for people to make multiple accounts. Which is great, but also bad at the same time. The great part is Twitter is cleaner since bots following your account would actually harm your credibility.

The not-so-great part is that it is harder to get many real engaged followers, which is an important aspect of Twitter. However, there is an easy fix for this. Individuals who want to get a healthy following invest in Twitter growth tools as it is cheap, effective, and efficient.

Services such as Twesocial provides users with a large organic follower base to boost their credibility validly! With these services, anybody

  • What else do you need?

Other than identity verification, you will also need to provide specific information about yourself to get the blue tick. For example, fields of public interest. High levels of daily activity on Twitter is also required. Your bio must not only be complete but also reflect a position of authority or interest.

Your chances also increase when people around you are talking about you in hashtags or tags. For that, you will need well-lit, professional, or attractive photos accompanied by creative captions.

You would also need to be connected to important public profiles to further boost your chances. But ultimately, the most important and best way to get verified is by having a solid and big follower base.

  • Is it worth it?

Blue ticks give immediate authority. It is like a badge that makes your opinions instantly more engaging, weigh more, and have far superior credibility. Everything about your Twitter life will become easier once you have a blue tick, from follower base to opportunities, to credibility. People who desired to get that blue tick may visit EarthWeb to get more information about Twitter.

It is extremely difficult to get a blue tick these days and provides much more benefits than ever before. These benefits would help any brand, business or profession grow dramatically. So yes, in a nutshell, a blue tick is EXTREMELY important.

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