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MRB Group announces promotion of Tim Carpenter to management team

MRB Group President Ryan Colvin recently announced that Tim Carpenter has been selected to join the firm’s management team, a leadership position in recognition of his significant accomplishments as a Professional Engineer and as an individual.

“Tim excels in every way, both personal and professional” said Colvin. “He exemplifies a powerful form of leadership by example – which is a hallmark of MRB Group management team members,” he said.

Carpenter has been managing MRB Group’s Syracuse office since 2017, working closely with clients in a growing radius around Onondaga County. His team has similarly expanded, and now includes engineers and planners to support day-to-day municipal needs for surrounding communities.

“Tim not only understands infrastructure and the challenges of addressing community needs, but he approaches problems with a confidence and energy that’s contagious,” said Colvin, who noted his belief that strong leadership involves inspiring others. “Tim’s mentorship and model leadership will help us continue to build stronger teams, fostering a dedication to helping communities in the MRB Group tradition,” he added.

A native of Central New York, Carpenter grew up in Oswego. He graduated from Clarkson University in 1986 and is a licensed Professional Engineer in New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, and South Carolina. He specializes in water and wastewater systems engineering and design.

While Carpenter’s professional career has spanned 34 years, he is a veteran of more than just engineering. He served his country in the Army Corps of Engineers as a Platoon Leader in Germany.

“That’s when I met my wife, Elizabeth, who attended and graduated from West Point soon after women were first admitted,” Carpenter said. He proudly notes that she was also a Platoon Leader, when few women held leadership roles in the military.

Following military service, Carpenter returned to his roots to pursue a lifelong career in engineering, which he now calls his “second” favorite pastime.

“Ice fishing is my favorite thing to do,” Carpenter confessed, sharing his love for the winter sport. Photographs of record catches adorn his office wall, next to those of his family.

“I have a deep appreciation for nature and like to be outdoors,” Carpenter explained, noting that he also enjoys hiking and climbing. Perhaps that respect for the environment has influenced his career decisions as well, providing his professional focus on water and wastewater engineering.

“What I enjoy most about my work is spending time working directly with clients, and solving problems with solutions that help protect the environment,” he stated.

“I’ve worked on exciting and significant projects,” Carpenter continued. “I was on the team that led the first major phosphorous removal project for the Onondaga County Wastewater Treatment Plant, a project that became a model for others to follow,” he said. Completed over ten years ago, that project addressed water quality in Onondaga Lake. At the time, it was considered an innovative approach to stem the effects of harmful algae blooms, setting standards that are still highly regarded.

Even with many professional accomplishments, Carpenter says his proudest achievement is his family. He and Elizabeth have two children. Their son Robert is a graduate of Syracuse University School of Law and is a practicing attorney in Syracuse. Their daughter Maggie, who may have received some of the career inspiration her parents are known for, received a degree in Math with Computer Science from MIT, and is a Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps. She will soon receive flight training at Pensacola and follow her parents’ footsteps in the armed services.

“I’m very proud of my children,” Carpenter beamed. Given his recent promotion in recognition of his career, Carpenter’s family likely reciprocates that sentiment.

Carpenter says he looks forward to continuing to serve client communities. He also greets the challenge of mentoring a growing team with enthusiasm.

“Optimism and optimal performance are related,” he stated, “and I will continue to promote among my team a healthy work/life balance with an equal focus on family.” When asked if he enjoys “talking shop” and discussing engineering with his daughter, Carpenter replied, “We’d rather go hiking together instead.”

“The whole MRB Group team congratulates Tim and his family on this significant milestone and career achievement,” said Colvin.

An engineering and architecture firm that specializes in municipal services, MRB Group has worked with communities throughout the Central New York area since 1927. The firm’s team of nearly 120 engineers, architects, planners, and technical staff currently works with more than 150 local governments, supporting operations and assisting with long term strategic plans, planning and zoning board support, and economic development services. MRB Group assists with a variety of public works functions, provides architecture for rehabilitation of public facilities, and works closely with municipal leaders and staff to preserve and maintain critical community infrastructure, like water and wastewater systems.

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