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Don’t expect K-12 schools to return to normal while vaccine is rolling out

Teachers are signing-up to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and by most accounts it appears as though that population will be well-vaccinated by summer. But what are the expectations moving forward? What should parents’ expectations be for their kids?

“I have gotten some emails from parents who believe that once a teacher is vaccinated that will give us the flexibility to bring all students back to in person learning, and I wish it were that simple,” Harrison Superintendent Lou Wool told Gannett’s New York State team. “There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm to get in line, but the line is quite long.”

School leaders have been asking two important questions: Can they mandate the vaccine among staff and faculty? And what should the expectations be as those individuals get vaccinated?

Legal experts say the first question is complicated, but labor lawyers have been weighing in throughout the pandemic, noting that it will be entirely possible for employers to mandate it. Schools shouldn’t be any different.

The second question comes down to slowing expectations for ‘return to normal’ occurs. While some activities will be easier once cases are down and vaccine is widely available – the traditional school day may still not happen immediately.

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