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Francisco Lindor talks Yankees rivalry, wants Mets to be ‘No 1 team in the country’

These days, the debate over which New York baseball team reigns supreme is as heated as ever. While the boys in the Bronx have been consistent postseason contenders for the past few seasons, the Mets were the last team from the city to make it to a World Series.

And now the Mets are setting themselves up to break their playoff drought and compete for the ultimate goal once again after the blockbuster trade for Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco.

Lindor spoke to reporters for the first time on Monday, when he was asked about the crosstown rivalry that he has now become a part of. The Mets have always been viewed as a little brother to the Yankees, but that narrative is quickly changing with this move in particular switching things up.

But for the superstar shortstop who will grace the Citi Field diamond next season, he isn’t too worried about which New York team is the top dog. He just wants the Mets to be the best.


“It’s not necessarily about what happened in the past, about the championships they’ve won in the past,” Lindor said about the rivalry. “It’s about today in the present. If we’re able to win today, that’s what matters. It’s about winning each and every single day and being able to bring a winning team (to the city). Obviously, everyone wants to be the winning team in New York, but at the same time, we want to be the No. 1 team in the entire country.”

And Lindor is right. The Mets need to be focusing on themselves and what they want to accomplish this season. It was a disappointment last year that the postseason couldn’t be reached despite extra spots to make it. The shortened season featured multiple trials and tribulations under first-year manager Luis Rojas, and New York ended up 26-34.

Steve Cohen and the rest of the Mets’ new regime want that record to change quickly, so the pressure will certainly be on Lindor to deliver. Going from a Cleveland media market to the biggest in the country will certainly make him feel it right away.