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Rep. Reed: “Congress cannot overrule states and their designated electors”

Congressman Tom Reed joined other Republicans around the U.S. saying that they would confirm electors during a Congressional vote on Wednesday.

It’s the final step of the 2020 election process.

President-elect Joe Biden won 306 electoral votes in the election, giving him the victory and a four year term. President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that the election was stolen, and that there was mass voter fraud – neither of which have been backed up with verifiable evidence.

Reed echoed what some other Republicans have said, noting that it’s time to move forward and unify the country.

“Listening to those I represent has always been my top priority. In a townhall just last night, I heard the passion on both sides. We can rebuild trust in our elections by transparently addressing the last-minute, confusing way some states conducted voting in 2020,” Reed said. “The Constitution, however, makes clear Congress cannot overrule states and their designated electors. I must be true to the oath I took to uphold the Constitution and will not object to any state’s electors tomorrow.”