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Four alternative ways to celebrate Christmas this year

The COVID-19 pandemic has dominated this year and thrown the world into chaos in various different ways. In addition to the health impacts of the virus, it forced families and friends to physically distance themselves from one another and had a terrible economic impact on the lives of many. As this tough year draws to a close, many of us will look towards the festive season as a chance to finally create some happy memories. However, for many people, this won’t be a regular Christmas. With a second wave of the virus running rampant, large gatherings are somewhat ill-advised

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Some people might use this as a time for reflection, and opt to move away from the generally materialistic nature of the season while finding some alternative ways to mark the occasion. Here are a few ideas : 

Create Festive Memories

In a year where we may not be able to be together with our nearest and dearest, the idea of creating happy memories through experiences is increasingly meaningful. The novelty of Christmas often runs its course, especially where kids are concerned. Why not invest some time doing a fun activity like joining a cook-a-long or playing some fun festive games instead? This way, they’ll have fond festive memories of 2020 that will last a lifetime. 

Declutter and Donate to Charity

Spending more time at home as a result of government-imposed lockdown orders made many people realize how much unnecessary clutter they’ve accumulated over the years. Use the holiday season as an excuse to get rid of old things that no longer bring you joy. Donate useful items to charities like the Salvation Army. That way, you’ll know your unwanted items will generate funds for a worthy cause. 

Support Local Business

The COVID-19 pandemic took its toll on the economy, and small local businesses have been feeling the brunt of this impact. However, many local business owners used the pandemic and lockdowns as an opportunity to innovate and diversify their product offerings. If you do plan on buying presents this year, support entrepreneurs or small businesses by shopping locally. You can guarantee your money will be helping to ensure the survival of a local enterprise, and you’ll likely get some rather unique gifts at the same time. 

Give Homemade Gifts

A thoughtful way of making your closest friends and family feel loved this festive season is with a homemade gift. Perhaps you have a penchant for knitting Christmas sweaters, or filling a photo album with pictures from previous family occasions. Not only will such gifts be truly treasured, but you’ll also have fun making them. 

It is time to come to terms with the fact that Christmas 2020 won’t be the usual festive affair that most families are used to. However, it will be a great opportunity to take stock of everything that has happened this year and be thankful for how much we’ve achieved as a society. Find ways to think outside the box and celebrate the festive season in more meaningful ways.

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