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AT&T outage impacting 911 centers across New York resolved

Update: Officials say the outage has been resolved. All users should be able to make calls to 911 Centers without any issues.

Original: Sunday, 8 p.m.

Officials in Ontario and Seneca counties say a statewide AT&T Wireless issue is causing 911 Centers to have trouble receiving calls.

An announcement had been made earlier in the night by Ontario County Sheriff Kevin Henderson who said that AT&T was aware of the issue that that it was likely a widespread outage.

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Seneca County Emergency Management Director Melissa Taylor said that her office received confirmation that the outage was impacting Seneca’s 911 Center, too.

“Tonight we were informed about a statewide AT&T outage affecting customers trying to call 911,” Taylor said in an email. “AT&T is working diligently to try and resolve this widespread outage.”

Both Taylor and Henderson said that residents should call using a landline or non-AT&T cell phone to call 911 until the issue is resolved.

It’s unclear how long the outage will last.

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