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SITUATIONAL UPDATE: Dozens of new cases reported, but some counties see decline in active caseloads

Here is a look at the situational updates provided by local health departments in the Finger Lakes on Sunday, December 20th.

Cayuga County reported 35 new cases. The number of active cases declined from 514 to 490 between Saturday and Sunday. There were four new hospitalizations reported, bringing the total number of individuals hospitalized due to COVID-19 to 28.

Cortland County reported 281 active cases on Sunday, which was a decline of 14 cases from Saturday. There were 38 fewer people in quarantine. However, they reported 20 active hospitalizations and 18 deaths. One of those deaths connected to COVID-19 was newly reported on Sunday. Officials said that 10 of the deaths reported to date in the county were at nursing homes.

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Monroe County reported 588 new cases, which was a lower number than seen in recent days. There were 5,214 active cases, with more than 4,400 in mandatory quarantine. They reported 733 hospitalizations as of Sunday, which was 17 fewer than the day prior. There were no new deaths reported. A total of 429 people have lost their lives to the virus there.

Ontario County reported 75 new cases on Sunday, as well as a decline in active cases to 329. There are 872 individuals in mandatory quarantine and 28 hospitalized. There have been 44 total deaths. Both the hospitalization and death numbers were flat from the county’s previous report.

Onondaga County reported 304 new cases, bringing the total number of active COVID-19 cases to 3,808. There were 349 confirmed deaths, which includes five new ones reported on Sunday. Additionally, the county reported 315 people hospitalized, which equals seven new patients. There were 52 people in critical condition, according to county officials.

Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Wayne, and Yates counties have not yet provided updates this weekend. Each have been following a Monday through Friday update schedule with sporadic updates on weekends as necessary. Those will be included if published tonight.

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