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Millions still waiting for stimulus payments from the CARES Act

As Congress fights over the next round of relief for Americans and businesses across the U.S. a new report shows that many New Yorkers have been left out of the process.

A Times Union report this week showed that while the IRS made nearly 160 million economic impact payments of $1,200 when the first round of stimulus was approved — millions across the country are still without.

For those who don’t receive a payment by the end of the year, a rebate must be claimed on their taxes in 2021. The problem there is that those payments will not be sent out for months – and it would mean many Americans would not receive their relief check until sometime in the second quarter of 2021.

In September more than 530,000 New Yorkers received letters from the IRS telling them how to get their checks. It required submitting information to the IRS.

It begs another question: If Congress acts, how long will it take for those checks to make it to Americans that have not received their first payment?

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