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Bonafiglia Family gives $5,000 to House of Concern as need in Seneca County grows

This weekend marks what is typically referred to as the It’s A Wonderful Life Weekend in Seneca Falls.

A time in which the community celebrates its role as the inspiration behind Frank Capra’s Bedford Falls – the setting for his movie classic It’s A Wonderful Life. And while this year’s festival is being held virtually, the movie’s theme of the importance of family, and the strength of friends and neighbors is playing out in real life.

When a neighbor brought to light the recent call for help from the Seneca County House of Concern, The Bonafiglia Family knew that it was important to respond.

The Seneca County House of Concern normally provides approximately 450 families with basic necessities such as food, clothing and household items.

However, as is the case in for so many agencies right now, the pandemic has increased the number in need while decreasing the support and funding available.

In fact the agency is now serving a staggering 900 families.

“We care deeply about our community and want to help our friends and neighbors in whatever ways we can,” said Bruce Bonafiglia.  “When we learned of the House of Concern’s increased need, we knew it was important to help.”

The Bonafiglia Family has been a platinum sponsor of the House of Concern for years and at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic donated $25,000 to help with costs.

With the need now doubled while funding is down, The Bonafiglia family will donate an additional $5,000 to ensure that support is provided to those in most need this holiday season.

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In addition to this monetary contribution, employees of BonaDent also donated boxes full toys to help ensure a special Christmas for those children that the House of Concern supports.

As It’s A Wonderful Life comes to a close and George Bailey is surrounded by the support and generosity of his Bedford Falls neighbors, his guardian angel Clarence reminds him that “no man is a failure who has friends.”

A reminder to us all that agencies like The Seneca County House of Concern with support from good neighbors like The Bonafiglia Family and the many other generous donors to the agency can make a world of difference for those in greatest need.

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