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Police: Geneva woman charged for her role in near-fatal overdose in Penn Yan

Police say a Geneva woman is facing a number of charges after a near-fatal overdose in Penn Yan.

Police say Jessica Lyn Parish, 30, of Geneva was arrested for her involvement in a serious overdose that happened on November 26th.

It’s alleged that while under a COVID-19 quarantine order, Parish disregarded the order and drove a male to the city of Rochester to purchase drugs.

That male would eventually overdose, according to police. However, while they were in Rochester the two purchased 14 bags of crack cocaine and four bags of heroin. Once back in Penn Yan, they consumed all 14 bags of cocaine.

That’s when the male injected himself with all four bags of heroin and overdosed. When police found the male – he was unresponsive – and there were no signs of life.

Four doses of Naloxone were administered. He was transferred to Geneva General Hospital’s intensive care unit and treated there.

Police say eventually the man recovered from the incident.

For her role in the entire series of events, Parish was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment, sixth-degree conspiracy, and willful violation of health laws.

She was held at the Yates County Jail and will answer the charges at a later date.