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Canandaigua attorneys in court on Monday over officer-involved shooting from 2017 that left off-duty parole officer dead

On Monday a federal judge questioned whether the Canandaigua police officer who shot-and-killed Sandy Guardiola, a parole officer at her apartment complex in the city, was justified.

It happened in 2017 and while no criminal charges were filed – the civil court case continues to play out.

Officer Scott Kadien, who shot Guardiola, contended from the start that she pulled a gun on him first. Lawyers for the City of Canandaigua and its police force maintain that the entire incident unfolded legally.

However, attorneys for the family of Guardiola argue otherwise. Luna Droubi asked why after three weeks of being out of work – a ‘wellness check’ was so necessary that day.

“Why did you take three weeks to call (for a wellness check)?” she said, according to the D&C. “It’s illogical … that suddenly it’s urgent, suddenly it’s an emergency.”

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