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Cayuga Lake Wine Trail celebrates Cabernet Franc with month-long promotion

The Cayuga Lake Wine Trail is launching a “Wine of the Month Series” campaign to showcase the different wines the region excels in. Each month, participating Cayuga Lake Wine Trail member wineries will feature a different vinifera wine ranging from Chardonnay to Cabernet Sauvignon and anything in between.

In the previous months, the participating member wineries celebrated Chardonnay- exploring the different variations of oaked vs unoaked, and Riesling- diving into the fruit-forward world of Sweet and Dry. This month, they switch over to the red wine world and learn about Cabernet Franc. The CLWT Website features some history on the Cab Franc grape and some food pairing suggestions. The website also lists the different offers and promotions you can find at the participating wineries throughout the entire month of December. Find out more about the Wine of the Month Series and participating winery offers at:

“Admittedly, I am just now getting into dry red wines. As of late, when I am out wine tasting, I make it a point to try wines that are typically out of my comfort zone, Cab Franc included,” says Katherine Chase, Executive Director of the Cayuga lake Wine Trail. “and I have been really pleased with that decision! It is a medium-bodied red with a contrast of spice and fruit that makes it unbelievably delicious without making it overpoweringly dry. I find it even more delicious when it is in Rosé form. It’s so crisp, fruity, and refreshing! I’m hoping this month-long promotion will help push others out of their comfort zone and into the world that is Cab Franc so they can see that we can grow and produce some pretty great reds, too!”

The Cayuga Lake Wine Trail wineries are open, safe, and remain in compliance with the various state rules and regulations. All tastings are seated, snacks are served with the tastings or flights, and additional cleaning routines have been set in place. For further information on individual winery offerings, the Wine Trail has many up-to-date resources on its website to help you plan your trip: