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When will the Coronavirus vaccine be ready?

Is the Coronavirus vaccine ready? Could it be ready this month?

Officials around the U.S. say they are anxiously awaiting approval of the first COVID-19 vaccine for distribution. Many states will get a supply of it as the first batch of vaccines go out.

Those will be reserved for frontline workers. Particularly, the first round of distribution will be focused on healthcare workers, who have been battling the pandemic since it’s start in the U.S.

There are two primary vaccines that have received most attention. The Pfizer vaccine, as well as one produced by Moderna.

In New York the plan is to roll out the vaccine to nursing homes and workers inside those long-term care facilities. However, there are issues.

First, is that even states like New York will not receive enough vaccine to fully-vaccinate all frontline workers. To start, the state will receive approximately 170,000. Additional shipments will be received in the weeks that follow. As other vaccines are approved – those will rollout to the public as well.

Second, involves confidence in those vaccines. Even with efficacy rates over 90% there are many who say it isn’t worth the risk. Polling has shown that upwards of 35-40% of people are still uncertain about getting vaccinated. Officials have warned that getting the vaccine is crucial to resuming full-economic activity.

Third, is the cost associated with executing distribution. Last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo outlined how complex distribution would be given the temperature requirements of the vaccine. While many may be thinking about the challenges of getting a vaccine into every community across the board — the bigger challenge is keeping it in those places. It must remain cold, then go through a complex process before it can be administered.

Both vaccines require federal approval before distribution.